Giant move for Google; from searching to delivering

Daniel Posted On - June 25, 2014

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Several others frowned upon Google’s spontaneous approach regarding free delivery service of certain goods on the same day in certain parts of United States. The industrial analysts observed this as an unwanted intrusion of the company in low-prizing real-world business. Various questions were also raised regarding the delivery modes that were taken up by them as too much than the needed.

The mistake was however childish and unprofessional in nature compared to the image of the company and with such competitors like and so many others coming in. The initiation that was new for them and held as intrusion in unfamiliar territories. Google with its popularity as a search engine and as a guiding factor in the world of web actually did not made such prolific result when it entered the world of delivery business with higher expenses as a mode of payoff that is uncertain and low in terms of the expenses incurred. This was really a bad move for them as far as the world of web delivery business is concerned. A lot of money was wasted in securing the position for the business until it crashed and turned out to be a failure.

Completion rates were stiff

The market for Google in this field was very stiff for it was equally dominated by other shopping sites like Amazon and e-bay which had their strong customer base and this was bad for the Google as they could not secure the credibility of the people.

New move for Google

Google however is shifting its mindset thus concentration on its mainstream business with search advertising and with the enhancement of e-commerce; it looks up to get information of the potential user of its service so that it can develop upon it. A similar approach was seen when Google invested in Smartphone to safeguard its search engine and with the Android technology, it is further enriched.

A giant step taken

Google is however in the advancement of its delivery industry where it is taking its trials in various parts of USA. As a part of their new move, Google is experimenting with ways to deliver perishable groceries such as milk and various food items that require special temperature-controlled storage and delivery mechanism, and which are already available through Amazon’s rival Fresh service. Though it is said to be too early to say whether that might ultimately become part of the service or not.

Google Shopping Express allows consumers buy products online from a lot of stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Staples, Costco, etc. They have the goods at their doorsteps that same day. Couriers or contract drivers pick the orders up from retail stores throughout the day collecting an undisclosed commission from the retail stores for each sale.

Consumers for now pay nothing for the convenience due to a free six-month membership trial offered by Google. Google may extend the free trial until it has perfected the service and is ready to charge a subscription fee.

Google’s Shopping Express is being tested as a standalone delivery service, but many people expect the eventual goal is to integrate home deliveries as a feature in the search engine.

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Giant move for Google; from searching to delivering, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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