Gmail Redesigned can have an Adverse Effect on the e-Retailers

Steve Burns Posted On - July 31, 2013

Gmail Redesigned can have an Adverse Effect on the e-Retailers
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Google has designed a new inbox layout which separates email into three tabs. Google describes the new tabs as a way to ‘put you back in control so that you can see what’s new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read and when.’ This layout shows on both desktop and mobile. While this tabbing system makes it easy for users to organise their mails, it is also a little confusing and might prove a challenge for internet marketers.

How is it working?

The mail is segregated into three categories – primary, social and promotions. The primary tab contains messages sent from friends and family and email that don’t fit into the other tabs. The social tab contains mail from networking websites and social media websites, like Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. The promotions tab includes marketing mails and offers. Another two tabs exist- updates, which consists of auto generated updates and bills, and forums, which consists of messages from online groups, but these have to be activated by the user.

The Challenge Thrown

The main challenge is that all sales emails will be filtered out of the primary inbox tab. Consumers might not click on the promotions tab, where all the marketing mails will be sorted into. This means promoters will have to redesign their marketing practices, especially those who present limited period offers. The majority of marketing emails that the clients view in the first few hours the mail is delivered to their inbox but now, it’s likely to take longer for a user to view promotional email as they may not venture into the ‘promotions’ tab.

The delay in click through and open rates means flash sale site operators will now have to rely on social media sites like Twitter to send out their offers and retailers with limited time offers will have to extend their deadlines. On top of that, all the sales based emails will be grouped together, therefore making it much harder for any one promotional email to stand out. Also, the mobile version of the new Gmail interface removes additional tabs from the main display entirely and hides them in the side bar slider, so customers will only use these promotional mails unless they intentionally look for them.

The Scoring point

On the other hand, the change in layout may also prove to be profitable for marketers. Now, when a customer goes through their promotions tab, they will be in a buying mindset and click through and conversion rates will be higher than before. Consumers will only look through the tab when they are interested in purchasing something.

While initially the change in inbox layout will pose challenges for internet marketers, after getting used to the new format, marketers might be able to utilize it on order to get more people viewing their promotional items and utilizing them. It’s still too early to tell as most people do not have the new inbox yet.

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Gmail Redesigned can have an Adverse Effect on the e-Retailers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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