Google Belts out the Wide View Tool for Online Marketing

Steve Burns Posted On - May 16, 2013

Google Belts out the Wide View Tool for Online Marketing
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It can be aptly said that if you are hankering to know more about the web world, Google hardly misses to be on the spotlight as it is always up to something. The recent buzz that is going on is that Google has come up with a wide view tool for internet marketing. The source of data comes from the every step that an online customer takes till the completion of the online buying journey.

The findings have their base on the collected online marketing data from over 36,000 Google clients. The samples taken for the findings used Google’s analytical tools which paved the way for millions of purchases across various industries spread throughout 7 countries. Google Analytics is a potent tool that has been used by the e-sellers as the parameter helping them to keep a tab on the e-commerce performance, gauging the flow of traffic, conversions, bounce rate and the like.

How the New Tool works?

The wide view tool acts as the catalyst in influencing their marketing dollars in a planned way. So the softer nuances or the not-so-important yet crucial behaviour of the prospective buyers can be gauged before completing the e-journey. It can help the e-sellers to exactly know what is making the e-shoppers to increase their basket size or to go away from a site, increasing its bounce rate. All the interactions play a huge role for sealing the final online business transaction. The pre-purchasing behaviour of a shopper like clicking a link recommended by a friend, his searching behaviour or a buyer’s reaction while checking out the ad displays tell a lot about his nature.

The Importance for the E-Sellers to understand the Online Purchase Journey

The nature of fierce competition in the online business domain has made the online retailers to try their best and frame the emergent marketing strategies in tune with the prevailing trends. An online business owner with the help of the tool gets to know about the wider picture about the emotional e-journey of an online shopper. It helps in reshaping his marketing strategies for his greater business development.

Strengthening the Marketing Campaigns

The dim global economic climate has made e-sellers to think twice while spending the advertising dollars while promoting their business. Multi-channel marketing is in vogue as it is exposure across the global markets which a business is striving to achieve. So in order to make the marketing campaigns edgy, it is the inclusion of the right ingredients and a strategic plan in the marketing campaign after studying the map of your target audience, which pays off in a big way. If you want a trusted partner giving vent to your multi-channel marketing programs, then you can rely on ChannelSale.

It is not only the retail that can avail greater benefits by using this tool, the automotive, consumer packaged goods, technology and the like which can benefit a lot. How the application of the various online marketing methods impact an e-seller’s revenue generation graph can be well traced out via the deft use of this new tool, rolled out by Google.

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Google Belts out the Wide View Tool for Online Marketing, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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