Google Product Feed Productivity Guide 2017 For Multi Nation Sellers

Stephen Posted On - March 17, 2017

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Multination sellers in Google Shopping need to take a lot more into account than just the basics in terms of data feed management. With 2017 making a dramatic start, here are a few factors that require maximum attention in terms of multination Google product feed especially for sellers that have just commenced with their expansion endeavors…

Every bit of information has to be precise –

Precision in information provided is non-negotiable. This is mainly in terms of currency and product value with relevance to the country in which the feed will feature.

You will need to create country specific feed –

This is one of those hassles that are prevalent in multination product feed for Google. In simple words, the same product feed cannot be applied across all countries. The sellers will thus have to create new ad campaigns for each product that are to be showcased by Google in the respective nation.

The basics apply universally –

The basics of Google product feed management applies to multination endeavors as well. This is with respect to ensuring perfection and applicable rules while designing product titles, images etc.

Organic optimization will maintain its relevance –

Organic optimization for product feed in Google is applicable through all nations. If you wish to be seen, you will have to approach proper optimization in terms of proper keyword usage in titles, using optimized images, enhanced product value, perfect pricing that is frequently updated and many more.

The endeavor has to be fortified with the usage of updated softwares and tools –

If you wish to approach multination Google presence without the aid of proper automation softwares and tools, you may be in for rude shocks raising their head when you are least expecting them.

At all times, you will have to have the entirety of your efforts integrated without scope for faults and errors. Many ecommerce solution developers that offer high quality integration solutions like Walmart Sears, Amazon eBay etc. also house tools that are suitable for supporting multination Google shopping endeavors. These solutions should be used from the very first day onwards for enhanced results/

CPC budget requires meticulous planning –

Last but not the least, managing your CPC budget may require meticulous planning especially when your efforts are spread across many nations with many different kinds of currencies involved. Seeking professional assistance in this respect is perhaps the wisest way to remain at a safe distance from unrewarding bottle necks.

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