Google Product Feed Requisites You Wouldn’t Mind Spending On

Stephen Posted On - July 27, 2017

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Making your listing feature in Google in an impactful manner can literally take your ecommerce efforts from rags to riches. While it is true that this celebrated platform is not free and you will be required to spend on CPC; it is usually one of those expenses that sellers are ever willing to bear.

However, considering the level of competition that already exists in Google, it always works in favor of selling entities to put in added efforts to improve Google product feed quality. This can be very yielding in terms of maximizing visibility of the ads and increasing the inflow of traffic and conversions many times over.

Here are some of the many avenues in Google efforts you would really not mind spending upon at the onset…

Optimization –

Scratch basic optimization efforts seldom work productively in Google. Sellers that handle the process manually all on their own without the assistance of tools and software solutions often fail to make it to desired levels of visibility. The nature and scope of optimization has evolved phenomenally over the past few years and not making use of the available advantages can amount to possibilities lose to nothing.

Investing in high quality optimization solutions that focuses on everything starting with proper keyword research for titles to image optimization can be a lifesaving decision for your Google endeavors.

Integration –

Whether you are selling on or Amazon or eBay or any other marketplace for that matter, not integrating the concerned marketplace with Google end to end can heavily compromise the efforts. Your shopping cart and concerned marketplace where you wish the Google traffic to diver to needs to be perfectly synced with Google preferably with real time advantages.

This makes it very easy for sellers to track and manage operations between the platforms and take necessary corrective actions when required.

Pricing and cost management –

In Google, everything boils down to the price of your products. Almost every online buyer compares products for the lowest prices followed by attractive deals that eventually lead them to click on the listing and make their purchase. This is one of the reasons why sellers keep updating their list prices in Google often by the minute which makes it mandatory for every other competing seller to update their prices as well for the sake of maintaining visibility.

This though, is not one of those tasks that can be accomplished manually by sellers. Investing in pricing and cost management tools can thus be a decision you will never regret.

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