Google Proposes to Boost E-Retailer Ratings with StellaService data

Steve Burns Posted On - July 4, 2013

Google Proposes to Boost E-Retailer Ratings with StellaService data
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A brand not only gets embedded in the minds of the consumers just like that! Google has been showing the way for long to the users so that their experience while shopping online can be improved to the core! The rush of the e-shoppers to pick up the goods of their choice will help them to engage in the filtration process between the retailers of repute and who are trying hard to keep up pace with the needs of the consumers. Via the StellaService, Google is integrating data in its Trusted Store, offering a way to rate the e-retailers in terms of offering the satisfied quotient to the online buyers.

Online Retailer Rating System

Stella Service: What it’s all about?

Via the Trusted Stores rating program, the StellaService is a means of rating the web merchants. It will offer an impetus to the online retailers to be on their toes while offering the best of services to the customers. The ratings would act as one of the X-factors that the web merchants can flaunt on their e-commerce websites. So this rating can act as a source of motivation for the web merchants to gear up and offer the best ecommerce service to the e-shoppers.

The StellaMetrics

When there is a sense of competition, it makes the going get tougher and more challenging. With a mode to evaluate an e-retailer’s performance in comparison with its rivals, it offers that little push to pull things up for a retailer. This metrics can act as a point of reference for the retailers to buck up and elevate their standard of service. In order to stay ahead in the competition, the urge to fight it out and excel has to be there among the online merchants.

Web Merchants check this out

The Google Trusted Store take things a notch higher by accumulating data on the facts like keeping the e-shopping experience that the e-sellers are offering to their existing and new customers. Some of the key points that are being scrutinized before offering the grades to an online retailer are as follows:

  • The kind of shipping services offered to the customers in terms of the cost whether free, the time consumed, the product packaging and other points that can appeal to the customers on the receiving end.
  • The e-retailers need to offer the best support to the customers in the emotional e-shopping journey so that the cases of shopping cart abandonment can be cut down
  • There are a number of issues that can crop up during the pre-shopping phase, during the online buying process or post-purchase in terms of exchange or return policies. In order to add to their client base and satiate their existing customer base, the online retailers need to offer the best service. This will even help them to boost up their ratings.

How the Consumers can do their Job?

The e-retailers need to be infused with a higher level of confidence when they are deciding to participate is this Trusted Store Program. The program offers a provision to the consumers to ask Google to offer its supportive arm for resolving issues. Google empowers the customers by a purchase protection guarantee extending up to $1,000 on orders. However, it is only applicable to the retailers who are participating in this rating race. Google has not come up with any accurate information about the number of online retailers who are participating in the Trusted Stores. Google is on a never-ending mission to offer more to the users and making the online retailers more competitive. Three cheers to Google!

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