Google Shopping Campaign Facelift For 2015 – Things To Expect

Daniel Posted On - May 1, 2015

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For all merchants and retailers who aspire for a better e-commerce future, establishing presence in Google shopping is more than just imperative. Being one of the most potent comparison sites with over a billion products listed in it, it could be the dream destination for merchants when it comes to being found by target audience. However, to think that the advantage of offering a literally never-ending platform is where the scope of Google Shopping ends would be just as good as dwelling in darkness.

Considering the fact that competition is on its all time high, attaining maximum traffic towards one’s products and facilitating conversion in this product dense platform can be yet another challenge in itself. Thus, next step that Google Shopping has taken is in the direction of helping merchants achieve just about everything that can possibly be attained from this one of a kind comparison site. The transition of Product Listing Ads (PLA) to Google Shopping Campaign (GSC) has been one of the most potent forces behind the expanding bouquet of benefits in favor of retailers and merchants.

Basically, the transition from PLAs to GSC has given rise to certain very prominent advantages starting with improving advertiser revenue by around 34%. At the same time the return of ad spend showed a remarkable increase while the overall ad spend shot down by 30%.

While one cannot say that everything lies with the matter of ‘price’, a whole lot of all things essential, certainly does. In this respect, it can be mentioned that GSC offers better bidding opportunities that can surely grant the retailers a thorough competitive edge. The hourly feed updates offered by this platform can also be named among the advantages that bear seeds of competitive success for retailers.

However, considering the fact that retailers will not be alone in this platform and there will be just about any number of fellow competitors trying to bag the benefits of GSC, it is imperative for each to focus on their mode of implementation. Focusing on the product titles and the quality of descriptions can matter massively in this respect.

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Google Shopping Campaign Facelift For 2015 – Things To Expect, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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