Google Shopping Campaign tips for increasing Q4 sales

Daniel Posted On - November 18, 2014

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Google is the most popular platform for ‘buying and selling’ process. Every online retailer is aiming to make a considerable amount of profit through Google Shopping website. And naturally there is a hug competition too. If you want to get a desirable result and earn handsomely you need to keep up with the up gradations and innovations in the marketing techniques and strategies also.

Recently Google offered few updated Google Shopping tools that will help you in this regard. Henceforth, by using these methods the advertisers will be able to use the tools more conveniently and effectively also. It will allow them to create a shopping campaign from their regular PLA campaign. Here the advertisers can take help of their existing campaign structure and bids which they are currently using.

 So you must plan your shopping campaign with all seriousness while you replace your regular product campaign ads. A well thought smooth transition will definitely give you an extra mileage. And ideally that should be the priority for every advertiser like you.

 Here are 3 important points that will be extremely effective for Google Shopping Campaign for increased Q4 sales:

 1.  In the new version previous AdWords Labels columns are replaced by Custom Labels. An advertiser needs to keep a close watch about constant up gradation of these Labels while you also decide upon the available 4 to 5 options. Optimizing Product Title including Description for meeting the SEO requirements and UX on major retail channels is also extremely important. And while making this innovations and alterations special focus is to be given for Google.

 2.  A good campaign structure is the main driving force behind every successful campaign. This structure should be built on the basis of the products offered, online store, and market. Using the Google Shopping Campaigns Custom label to initiate product groups is a good idea. This way it is possible to ensure the items falling under a particular category which will bring increased revenue during a peak season.

 3. Be more attentive on optimizing Google Holiday Competitive Metrics which will help you to find out your competitor’s plus points and minus points. Once you become aware about this you can easily plan your business strategy to capture the market by highlighting your selling points in proper light. Additionally you can effectively use Google’s Bid Simulator which you can utilize in ascertaining various feedback regarding the ad clicks, costs, impressions and conversions etc. for different max bids. There is also a scope for implementing Impression Share tool to analyze various impressions which has significant value.

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