Google’s new app Inbox will bring smart changes in email marketing

Shrikar Khare Posted On - December 19, 2014

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Google has launched a new app called Inbox that is expected to affect the total e-mail marketing strategies currently being followed by the majority e-retailers.

This upgraded app will offer more advanced functions unlike a typical inbox organizer. The new app will have various facilities using which consumers will be able to group e-mail messages. It will also have similar functional advantages just like way category tabs they are familiar with while working in Gmail.

It is also expected to pull relevant information like tracking information or something else which is not present in an e-mail.

Google search Inc has already done havoc while offering various facilities for Gmail users. And Inbox is perhaps doing something more on that. In July 2013 Google reorganized its Gmail inbox which included an additional benefit of automatic filtering system of e-mails into tabs on the basis of a sender’s name. A default tab identified as “promotions”, was also introduced. All marketing mails from various e-retailers were classified into this specified category.

This innovation in Gmail created a set back in marketing activities. For example Groupon, has clearly declared that as a result of this change many targeted consumers never opened their marketing mails which in return created a net loss of $2.6 million for them in q3 of 2013.

The renowned lead research analyst of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and also an e-mail marketing expert, Chad White has said that, primarily, marketers should be careful about the newly introduced bundles and highlights.

With the new tab Bundles the consumers will be able to group e-mails. This is more like the category tabs in Gmail. You can also use it for setting your preferences. White also added that by utilizing this tab a less engaged subscriber would become sleepier, at the same time actively engaged subscribers would have a choice to be more engaged.

The highlight is nothing but a feature that will allow you to get all relevant details about a particular email which is apparently hidden in a mail. No doubt this will largely affect the status quo which will influence commercial dealings. While discussing about this White sited an example also by saying you can see the actual time status of a package delivery by using this search expertise, though it is not mentioned anywhere in the mail. This may make things too transparent which retailers may not like always.

White has also commented that at present inbox app is remaining in the invite only category, which is to be downloaded as a separate app. So naturally it will take more time to make it in use on a wider sphere.  But though the progress of accepting and using it will be initially slow, he expressed his belief by saying that soon it will start influencing the marketers. This will also lead towards increased message relevance along with further development towards creating smarter contents and smart targeting as well for the entire e-mail marketing process.

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Google’s new app Inbox will bring smart changes in email marketing, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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