Got Windows powered smartphone? You are a Satisfied Shopper from Apps

Steve Burns Posted On - August 22, 2013

Got Windows powered smartphone? You are a Satisfied Shopper from Apps
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Mobile shopping experience has become an enjoyable experience for the shopping enthusiasts who do not mind indulging in a buying spree often, when they are on the go! The recent surveys conducted and market research carried out shows that in the mobile shopping experience, Windows smartphones win for apps. Android tablets are the top choice for mobile site shopping.

The Statistics

It has reported that 64% Of Windows smartphone owners are going gaga with their shopping spree via mobile apps as picking up their choicest products is so easy. When compared to the use of other devices in the purchasing spree, it is 61%, who proudly flaunts Apple’s iPhone, 55% were Android phone owners while 54% actively used Android tablets. It is the mobile application, a user-friendly interface, which helps the buyers to interact with the mobile apps. It is the level of interaction with mobile apps and the mobile shopping sites for the e-shoppers which show distinctive characteristics in the buying behavior of the users.

The Favorability of the Mobile Shopping Sites

When it comes to shopping via mobile sites, it is the Android tablet users, 67%, who are satisfied with the way they purchase. Windows mobile owners stands at 66%, iPad owners at 64%, iPhone owners 62% and it is 57% of the customers vouch for the Android phones. The web is flooding with the best resources or the sites that enable the purchasers to compare and buy, while saving in the whole process.

The spending power

The spending power of the customers on how they spend on mobile devices, 44%, said they purchased between $1 and $249 worth of product through mobile in the last year. The figures are quite impressive followed by $250 to $499 with 27% and $500 to $749 with 17%. The categories that are favored by the e-shoppers when shopping from the mobile devices are clothing, shoes and jewelry. The products like books and other stationeries secure a second place with 48%. The entertainment category involving movies, music and games secures the third position with 74%.

E-shopping: Tablets Vs Smartphones

Shoppers spend more when shopping from tablets than from smartphones, which the survey reveals. For example, 37% of Android tablet possessors used their spending power of over $500 on products in the last one year, while for the Android smartphone users, the figure stands at 25%. When the shoppers were quizzed as to what would be the features that would make them to do a mobile purchase, it would be the scope to compare prices, interactive zoom, panning, 360 degree spinning facilities, which were the chosen features that got the steady nod.

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