Ground Rules For Ethical Selling on Amazon Seller Central

Daniel Posted On - September 3, 2015

Amazon seller central
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Selling on Amazon has everything to do with ethics and this is one of those virtues that many sellers have learnt the hard way. While this platform is often considered the Gentle Giant in the world of eCommerce marketplaces, it does not take much for its wrath to break loose on those who forget good practices while in the process of solidifying their presence in its ever growing grounds. There are times when sellers experience the sterner side of Amazon solely because of their ignorance about the ground rules for ethical selling in this platform.

To be on the safer side of the odds, here are a few factors that should always be borne in mind before selling on Amazon…

House acceptable products: Firstly, Amazon is very strict about the types of products that you can list under your banner. While it is true that there are hundreds of categories of products that are acceptable in this platform, products like prescription drugs and those that do not meet with the FDA regulations are thoroughly banned. Trying to sell these products thinking no one will notice can bring down a seller in no time.

Do not over do with seller accounts: The ground rule is, you can have only one Amazon seller central in one country. You cannot have two unless you have been specially permitted under special circumstances by Amazon (which can be quite rare for that matter). Trying to sneak in a second seller account can attract the attention of the platform in a negative way and is best when avoided.

Do not list fake items: This is a killer and can have the concerned seller shown the door in a matter of minutes. In very simple words, you cannot list fake or counterfeit items in your product category for the simple reason that they are sure to make their way back over and over again. At the same time, if you are selling products upon which you have no rights, you may get banned from Amazon forever.

Never ignore your customers: Last but never the least, your performance metrics matters to the very last detail. How you treat your customers, how receptive and responsive you are to their claims and queries, how fast you address their issues, initiate returns and refunds etc matters to Amazon as far as judging your selling ethics is concerned. If you ignore your customers, be assured that Amazon will ignore you too!

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