Have A Super Expensive Item To Sell On eBay? Take These Precautionary Measures

Daniel Posted On - August 16, 2016

most expensive items on eBay
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These million dollar products were actually sold on eBay

Dinner with Warren Buffet – 2.63 million!

5 person town of Albert, Texas – 2.5 million!

Zagami Martian meteorite – 450,000 $

The Giga Yacht at 168,000,000 $ is perhaps one the most expensive eBay item ever to be sold!

Yes… all of these and more have been sold on eBay by sellers who somehow had the perfect understanding of how get the best of this auction based marketplace. This basically shows that there is possibly no easier way to explain that eBay is a platform for everything. Whether you have a 5$ hat to get off your shelf or you have a princess cut diamond to sell, you can find bidders here waiting with cash.

As far as selling some of the most expensive things on eBay are concerned, the question is, how do you do it right? Matters of gaining buyer attention, getting the right amount that you may have thought of in your head and most importantly staying safe while transacting can rob you of your sleep in you have not planned your course of action right.

Mini Chart for Best Course of Action

  • Start the bid small – If you are expecting to fetch 1500$ for your product, don’t ever start the bid at 1500$ or around. You should in fact, start the bid with a very small amount, say 75$ or 80$ for example. This will help that product gain maximum visibility which will in turn enhance the worth of the product.
  • Make the products as believable as possible – Say for example, if you are selling a 4 carat diamond ring, try and include as many inputs of authenticity as possible. Original documents, certificate of authenticity, original boxes in which the ring came, handwritten notes if any (if the item has some historical significance) etc. will help in increasing the value and dependability of the product. This will win greater buyer attention.
  • Describe the product with perfect honesty – This is extremely important when you are selling the most expensive thing on eBay. If there is a scratch on your product please mention it clearly. This will prevent any chances of return request from buyers. you must also offer as many pictures as possible from as many angles as possible to dismiss any possible grey areas.
  • For your own safety

    Stories of eBay frauds are not very uncommon. When you are selling very expensive items, you will have to be extra cautious. Use address verification systems to detect authenticity of delivery addresses are critical. Use fraud prevention tools to detect fraud transactions are just as important.

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    Have A Super Expensive Item To Sell On eBay? Take These Precautionary Measures, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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