Here’s How End To End Google Shopping Integration Can Save Your CSE Future

Stephen Posted On - September 1, 2017

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Google Shopping is more than a CSE. It is a mixed bag of opportunities that are sellers are better off grabbing at the earliest. While it is true that thousands of sellers the world over are ever enthusiastic to create a presence in this otherwise pricey comparison shopping platform, not all of them are aware of the advantages of end to end integration that is literally imperative to gain fool proof advantages.

End to end integration usually embraces an all inclusive approach involving integration with shopping carts like Bigcommerce Google Shopping etc and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay,, and more. Sellers often refrain from the word ‘end to end’ mostly because the process can get a little expensive that can be a little worrying to smaller and budget conscious sellers.

However, approaching end to end integration can offer a host of advantages without which the entire endeavor of Google Shopping presence would be thoroughly compromised. 4 of these core advantages can be mentioned as follows…

Compatible, optimized and automated listing –

Listing makes a wealth of difference in the outcomes of your presence in Google Shopping. Manual listing that is usually a very time consuming process and fraught with errors can damage the efforts to significant levels. With end to end integration the process of listing as well as optimization can get automated by 80% or more with assurance of faultlessness. This is an advantage that no seller should miss out on.

Effective and profitable pricing management –

Proper competitive pricing wins maximum visibility, traffic and clicks in every Google Shopping listing. End to end integration can help massively with respect to automating the process of determining competitive pricing and re pricing the listing accordingly without the seller having to push a single button.

Productive CPC budget management –

Managing cost per click budget in Google Shopping productively is the key to succeeding in this CSE platform. For example, if you run out of budget in the middle of your monthly target, your listing will be pushed to instant invisibility. End to end integration can help you keep track of CPC budget so that your visibility is never compromised even when you are least attentive.

Performance tracking and reports in real time for better future in Google Shopping –

Whether Magento Newegg Google Shopping or any other integrated performance as such, there is no better way to keep track of performance and gain faultless reports as frequently as every single day, than with end to end integration.

Keeping all these advantages in mind, if you need to spend a little over the top for the process, it will be worth the investment.

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