Here’s How You Can Lose Your Amazon Listing In 10 Days!

Stephen Posted On - July 27, 2017

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Losing your listing in Amazon is actually easier than making something out of it and no one knows it better than clueless inexperienced sellers. Here are some of the most common and often funny ways in which scores of over smart entities managed to kick their own listing under the belt…

Listing products that Amazon does not entertain –

It does not matter whether you are selling in eBay, Walmart, Amazon, Rakuten, or any other e commerce marketplace for that matter, if you list products that the marketplace does not support, it could be a matter of days before it gets scrapped.

For example, you cannot slyly list your pet canary at attractive discounts. Attempt to make it look like a soft toy can get you kicked out without a second chance.

Copy pasting competitors listing –

You may have loved your competitor’s listing; but there are better ways of expressing your love than copying it word to word. Image to image may be excusable because sellers do have an option to integrate with the same image if the products are same. Copy-paste listing is always followed by a hue can cry made by sellers that have been breached.

Stuffing product titles with just about every word that buyers are likely to type –

This practice is called keyword stuffing and many sellers take it a little too far. On many occasions, buyers were taken aback with mini essays on written in place of titles, resulting in a sort of confusion that left them wondering what exactly they were buying! Amazon does not entertain such tom foolery and slaps a stamp of invisibility on such listing.

Slipping in one of the teeny tiny promotional messages in the images –

Watermarking and adding symbols of attractive discounts in images is not allowed in Amazon. The practice is considered strictly black hat. Sellers that are dumb enough to take such risks often drown imperceptibly somewhere in the corner.

Saying no to softwares –

Attempting listing in Amazon with Amazon listing softwares is as sad as rowing your kayak with two teaspoons. On using softwares, you can make the most of automation which is indispensable while performing in this marketplace.

Bad reviews –

Really bad reviews are often left by buyers that have had substandard purchase experience with concerned seller in Amazon. While on many occasions the reasons for writing such stinkers is valid, on many others, the reasons could be perfectly excusable.
However, whether justified or unjustified, if a buyer has slapped you with a bad review, you need to address it immediately through organic means… lest; it will be your listing and Amazon’s boot!

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