How can Google’s Zavers help to Increase Customer Loyalty?

Steve Burns Posted On - April 16, 2013

How can Google's Zavers help to Increase Customer Loyalty?
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Google has been the master in many spheres in cyberspace and it always has some great news to offer. Whether it is the online retailers, interested e-shoppers, users looking for high-quality information, Google has taken care of the multifarious needs of the people. The popularity of coupon codes, handsome discounts and voucher codes are one of the motivating factors behind the purchasing decision of the buyers. Google has come up with an innovative concept, which is called Zavers and it is a digital coupon service. This service has been exclusively designed for the retailers and the manufacturers.

The Two Chief Purposes that Zavers serve

In this age where promotion has become a very important thing, Zavers by Google is an important tool that the manufacturers and the retailers can make a good use of. Zavers facilitates the process of creating and distributing the digital coupons. Its second purpose is to make the process of redeeming the coupons much easier, making the system a lot more robust. Google’s Zavers simplifies the process for the manufacturers and the retailers in the way that the promotional campaigns get tailor-made. The retailers get to know the shopper preferences by assessing the process of coupon redemption.

How can Zavers work for an e-Shopper?

The interested shoppers with the urge to buy, check out a retailer’s site and rummage through the exciting offers and the coupon codes. While browsing through the product range and the exciting deals and hot offers, e-shoppers can actively save a coupon that they like in their account. If they settle their mind to buy a product, the coupon automatically gets redeemed at the checkout.

How the Retailers can Benefit?

The retailers can create digital coupon services at their will and the e-buyers enjoy the privilege of the auto redeeming process of the coupon during the time of purchase. Zavers aid the retailers to sell the digital coupon while luring the buyers to use their purchasing power as they get to enjoy the alluring offers and the money-saving deals by accessing the hot digital coupons. It is about reaching out to the target customers and Zavers can aid in the target distribution of the coupons to the right audience segment, helping the basket size of the customers to increase.

A Great Coupon Promotion Campaign by Google

Google knows how to play its card right and this is definitely one of the coupon promotion programs, via which Google is trying to popularize its product, Google Wallet. In order to ensure higher conversion rates of the customers, the shoppers with the inclination to buy online will get to redeem Zavers in the checkout process. This way Google is also trying to bolster up its sound reputation and increase its number of loyalists.

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