How can Twitter’s Targeting Tools help the E-Sellers?

Steve Burns Posted On - August 27, 2013

How can Twitter’s Targeting Tools help the E-Sellers?
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If you want to get rid of the tag of being a pushy marketer, then you must have incorporated SMM as a part of your e-campaign, isn’t it? Social media is the buzzword in an age where people are ‘writing on walls’ and ‘tweeting’ every minute. Social media has actively become the platform where people connect, interact and network with each other on the virtual world. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are some of the most popular social media platforms and the web merchants are waiting eagerly to tap in the potential of many more! Twitter with is power of micro-blogging and hashtags has come with a latest feature, the new targeting tools, which can help the e-sellers to promote their wide range of product.

The big leap of Twitter

Twitter, the microblogging site, has been gaining popularity ever since its creation in the year 2006 and today it has become a very important communication platform. Now it will help marketers to utilise third party information based on the behaviour of its 200 million active users on other websites. ‘Hashing technology’ is being used which converts user information like websites visited and email addresses into numbers and letters and then matches it with similarly hashed inputs provided by marketers. This hashed information cannot be reversed to get back the original data. So in this way, there will not be any exchange of personal user information between the advertiser and Twitter.

How it works?

Advertisements will now show up on the timelines of the users based on certain specifications. You can target your advertisements based on keywords in timeline, interest, geography, gender, similarity to existing followers, device (mobile, desktop) and keyword search results. This tool enables you to present your products or services to those individuals who are most likely to buy them. This will enable you to channelize your marketing resources and put it to more productive use. So, as an e-seller, if you are wishing to higher your sales graph, then Twitter is going to help you a lot It will also help you by allowing advertisements known as ‘promoted tweets’ to be tied to certain specific accounts which are likely to be relevant.

These new targeting tools of Twitter are similar to Custom Audiences feature of Facebook. There is a difference though; Twitter gives its users a choice to opt out of targeting that uses third party information, by altering their account settings.

Give your new business a boost

If your business is of a small scale then this new Twitter feature will provide you with an ideal marketing platform. It will help your business to manage the advertisement campaigns by providing a self service dashboard. This self service platform is presently an invitation only feature that helps to gain greater insight into an advertisement campaign.

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