How Can You Set Up an Amazon Affiliate Store?

Steve Burns Posted On - January 28, 2016

Amazon Affiliate Store
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A reputed online store, Amazon aStore is used by Amazon affiliates in order to market their own products. The aStore is incorporated by affiliates into a blog or website. It can also be utilized as an individual site. The store may consist of an item that can be sold on Amazon. For every sale that affiliates make via their own store, they receive a payment. You may seek assistance from any of the eBay FBA service providers that help with Amazon integration and other processes. But if you want to do everything on your own, find out how you can set up an a Store.

Be an affiliate first

Visit at first. Join the Amazon Associates Program by following all the instructions given therein. This will allow you to register yourself as an affiliate. You will be sent a verification email from You have to open the email in your inbox and click on the verification link in order to complete the registration and become a verified Amazon Associate.

Log into your account

Once you have signed into the affiliate account, go to the menu toolbar located at the upper part of the page and choose the option “aStore”. Choose the items that you wish to sell in your own store. You may use keywords to conduct searches and get recommendations or include particular items. Choose as many products as you wish.

Categorize your products

Separate your store products into different categories. By the use of categories, you can provide buyers with greater confidence in finding the items that they wish to find. There can be categories like “Organic” and “frocks” in an aStore that sells eco-friendly clothing for babies. An aStore which sells gardening tools can include categories such as “spade” and “pest remover”. If you choose any of the Shopify Amazon integration service providers, this can easily be facilitated.

Dress your store up

Once you are done with the basics, choose a theme and customize it. Choose the color of the text as well as background of your page. Determine the font that you should use. You can also optionally give your aStore a name as well as upload a logo image in the header section.

Complete the process

Once you are satisfied with your aStore, click on “Finish and get link”. Make use of the link in order to embed your aStore into your website or blog.

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