How Daily Deal can offer that Extra Edge to a Business?

Steve Burns Posted On - July 4, 2013

How Daily Deals can offer that Extra Edge to a Business
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The gloomy face of the global climate online has made many people to spell out their urge to save while buying online. The nature of the e-shoppers to save while using their spending power, comparing prices, checking out the various offers and money-saving deals, has led to the increased popularity of the sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and the like. The daily deal sites are very popular among the e-shoppers as it helps in upping the desire among the people to indulge in a shopping spree.

Some of the recent surveys conducted by the top project consultancy firm shows that the consumers will spend $5.5 billion in 2016 on the daily deals, flash sales and the like. The online deals market has observed a phenomenal growth in 2012 and the deal conversion rate has also been stupendously higher. However, it can also be a sign of near saturation in the market. It is also opined that the big retailers would be at a more advantageous position that the small business owners in term of maximizing their profit margin with the strong weapon of daily deals.

The Local Businesses can benefit a Lot

The importance of daily deals is that the businesses bank on higher sales by pronouncing the cheapest deals and the lucrative offers. The daily deals are one of the biggest sources for the local businesses to generate higher revenue. The local businesses can successfully list with the reputed deal sites so that the customers in the hunt for local businesses like restaurants, theaters, salons and the like, get to enjoy the first rate customer experience. It is especially during the weekends, festivities, holidays and the like that the customers are in a mood to splurge and the business owners need to settle on their marketing strategies and sales pitch, accordingly. The daily deals offer the impetus to increase the basket size for the shoppers.

Amazon also Scores out Here

Amazon with its buzzing presence in the online domain launched its daily deals a year ago. Amazon belted out a Deals Preference tool, which empower the e-shoppers on an offer page or in an account settings page to act based on their own discretion and ‘like’, ‘dislike’, or be ‘neutral’ after getting to know about the various offers in the different categories. LivingSocial Inc. is a name to reckon with in the arena of daily deals and Amazon owns a 29% stake in the daily-deal operator of repute, with the stake worth $298 million.

Daily Deals E-Mail Alerts Observing Higher Conversion Rate

E-mail marketing has the potential to bring in more customers for the businesses. When the customers receive daily deal e-mail alerts, it has been observed that such e-mail marketing campaigns have paid off in making the recipients to act firmly and take the buying decision. The conversion has been overwhelmingly impressive. There is no denying the fact that e-mail marketing campaigns help in generating an impressive portion of the retailer’s revenue.

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