How Good Is FBA For Your Amazon eBay Inventory

Robin Smith Posted On - March 28, 2016

Amazon Inventory management
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Fulfillment by Amazon is perhaps one of the biggest blessings that have been granted to e commerce sellers at large. The fact that this process allows sellers to bask in the glory of enhanced ease in inventory storage, order completions and delivery has loaded infinite otherwise clueless sellers with heightened confidence that they never thought they could ever possess. Sellers with very large inventories to manage and with little intentions of handling the hassles of packing, shipping etc can also benefit largely from FBA. Besides this, subscribing to FBA also means that Amazon will take whole and sole responsibility of handling issues like returns etc if it is necessary.

Empowered as FBA enthusiasts may already be feeling, this is not where the treat ends. It has been observed over a period of time that using FBA has helped sellers gain exposure before Amazon prime buyers which is a strictly profit making and growth propelling improvement. At the same time, FBA is also considered one of those silent ingredients to score more over competitors in Amazon Buy Box even if the concerned product does not display the cheapest prices! This is mainly because the often irresistible overnight delivery happens to be one of the most delectable FBA treats that sellers can extend to their buyers for which the latter is usually willing to pay more.

Furthermore, the fact that FBA is applicable to sellers in eBay and many other marketplaces as well comes as the icing on the cake.

If this has convinced FBA enthusiasts to jump in and subscribe to this dream solution right away, it may be worthwhile to sit back and think a little before making the decision. FBA has a flip side to it too which starts with sellers being exposed to the risk of losing track of their inventory. For those who have very large inventories lined up for FBA, using some form of high quality Amazon eBay inventory management system are always advised without which the sellers may remain blind to the movements taking place in their products stored in the Amazon warehouses. Besides this, the sellers may also come face to face with issues surrounding stale inventories that can cause more losses than gains.

At the same time, slow moving / heavy items with lower margins will only cause losses in favor of the sellers subscribing to FBA. Keeping in view the good side and the flip side of this facility, sellers are usually advised to review their business needs before opting for the latter.

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