How one Amazon store went from zero to $1000 profit in less than a month?

Thomas Posted On - February 24, 2017

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Making riches on Amazon is dream of many. However, only a handful of people have really managed to pull this off, while the rest struggle with marginal return. If you sell on Amazon, you would know just how difficult it is to climb through the competition on this marketplace and to woo the customers with not only a remarkable product but a striking price.

Yet, even with all the challenges, there are stories – real, believable and practical – that shows making quick sales on Amazon is quite easy if you’re smart enough. Here’s how one Amazon store managed to go from zero to making $1000 in profit in less than a month—6 proven ways on how you can boost your Amazon sales easily-

1. Optimizing the Amazon store

Over 55 percent on online shoppers in USA begin their product search on Amazon; meaning, this marketplace has emerged to be a default product search engine, taking over even Google. So the first task at hand is to optimize the Amazon store to rank better on its internal search engine. Few important SEO steps include using relevant keywords in the product titles and descriptions, providing as much information about the product as possible, pricing the products competitively and encouraging buyers to leave reviews.

2. Engaging with the potential customers

Directly communicating with the target audience is the surest way to increase the conversion rate. Reaching out the potential customers from the front, engaging them, addressing their individual needs and issues, this not only boosts immediate sales but also builds lasting relationship between the seller and buyer, often triggering word-of-mouth marketing. Social media platforms can be of great help to initiate direct conversation.

3. Blogging

Blogging is perhaps one of the most underrated marketing strategies on the retail scene. Amazon sellers must have their own – either free or self-hosted – blog that reach out the target audience and communicate with them personally. Although write-ups can result in direct sales; if not, they build a long-term relation between the two parties that promises better return in the future. Also, blogging plays a significant role from a SEO perspective. If done well, it can easily boost store’s visibility on search engines and, hence, the sales.

4. Investing in Facebook advertisements

One of the biggest differences between the successful Amazon sellers and the not-so-successful ones is that the former group don’t shy away from spending on paid promotion. Facebook advertisement program, much more targeted, can help Amazon store owners reach the relevant target audience in a relatively short period of time and offer better conversion. In fact, if done well, the paid advertisements can boost immediate sales easily.

5. Pricing product a cent less than the competitors

Pricing the product is the most important part for Amazon sellers. From helping products rank better on search results to affecting direct sales, the right pricing can do wonders. The flawed part, however, is that Amazon sellers often have to be the “cheapest” to appeal the search engine and customers. Being strategic here is the key. Instead of thoughtlessly lowering the price to appeal the mentioned two and axing the profit margin, the sellers must look to offer their products at a cent less than their competitors to have a winning edge.

6. Hiring professionals for additional assistance

Often, for many online sellers, hiring professionals and outsourcing additional help is a distant idea. However, if hit all the notes correctly, the decision can help climb the vendors from making zero to $1000 profit in the quickest possible time. Today, some of the top e-commerce solution providers, aside from facilitating seamless integration of API Walmart and Amazon with other marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, are also offering managed services. Helping vendors handle backend tasks – including order fulfillment – with much more efficiency and quickness, this can indirectly boost sales and revenue.

These are 6 ways you can increase your profit—6 ways that has helped Amazon sellers go from making zero to $1000 profit in less than a month. Now you know, hustle-up and do what needs to be done; take your Amazon store to the next level and enjoy high-flying profit easily.

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