How can work for Online Sellers

Steve Burns Posted On - February 4, 2013

How can work for Online Sellers
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The visual bulletin pinboard or Pinterest has made its mark as one of the best business platforms. Exploiting social media for driving quality traffic to e-commerce shops is the trend that the online business merchants must cash in. The recent surveys carried out in 2012 shows that Pinterest has scored over Facebook in terms of converting prospective buyers to potential ones. For observing an increase in traffic to a web store and to generate higher revenue, Pinterest can work wonders for the retailers. Majority of the users has a knack of sharing their purchases in social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the like.

Adding the Personal Touch to your Profile

In terms of design, Pinterest looks like a digital corkboard where the users share images, videos, tips and engaging content. The boards are called the themed pages. In order to get business from Pinterest, the retailers should not be too preachy and formal. There are no separate profiles for individuals and companies in Pinterest, so adopting the informal tone in the profile you create can help your business. For instance, add that human touch to your profile picture by adding your snap and not the business logo. It is the informal, friendly way of interacting, repinning, liking and commenting which can make you popular, making more online shoppers to flock to your web store.

Decking up the Themed Boards

Dressing up the visually stunning digital board in the right way, matters. As a retailer, you should not choose too may boards and fill it up with few images. Choose the number of boards that you actually require and dress it up eye-absorbingly, full of appealing images. It will create a positive impact in the minds of the users. They will keep a tab on your pins and follow your board, ensuring higher chances of conversion. Effectively engaging in product category management for better exposure of products in the various categories will make your online business to move in the right track. You can bank on ChannelSale for the high-quality e-commerce marketing solutions it can offer. The soaringly popular categories of Pinterest are home décor, art, fashion, food & drinks with the others following suit.

Creativity Counts

As a retailer, the way you choose the engaging topics, inspiring names and use your creative ideas matters in nabbing the attention of the users. Make use of the bookmarklet tool for pinning images. The high-definition, pretty pictures or videos only will not suffice if you cannot come up with catchy taglines, headers to go with the digital content. For instance, if you have a clothesline, snazzy snaps of the fashionable gear that you sell with men and women posing in different angles, can be put up on the board. Infographics can weave in magic if your business involves detailed analysis, reporting and presentation of facts substantiated with figures.

Participation and Interaction

Good business merchants never brag about their products and services and they do not get into the direct promotional mode, always. You would not love to be tagged as a pushy marketeer, so not only be absorbed in pinning the images of your own products. Participate, appreciate and interact so that the users will be able to laud the fact that your presence in social media is not only for your own business. It is not about establishing comradeship with your competitors but interacting with those who gel with you in terms of the thematic content of your business.

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