How Pretty Packages can win over Online Shoppers

Steve Burns Posted On - October 5, 2013

Pretty Packages
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This is an age where looks matter! The avenues have broadened up, opening the opportunities for businesses to make an impact on the minds of the targeted audience with their vast array of products. How the online sellers are packaging the products plays an important role in satiating you so that you make a repeat purchase!

Offering higher level of customer satisfaction is definitely a subjective matter. However, in the face of fierce competition in the online business domain, to win over the shoppers on your stride so that they do not land up on the website of your rivals, walk that extra mile. As it is being talked about to the core, the need for adding that essence of personalization in the products, premium packaging is the key when you want to make a lasting impact on the minds of the buyers.

The Trends that the Surveys are showing up

There are many instances from real life like for making a dish big hit, no matter how it tastes, the garnishing has to be done in an eye-grabbing way. In the same way, the working of the virtual world where an online buyer completely goes by his sense and impulse to buy, packaging acts as an eye-candy for a product. It tags the product with an appealing quotient.  51% of online consumers said they expect to receive online orders in premium packaging from a retailer, which is definitely an add-on for the e-sellers. The statistics of the survey revealed:

  • 71% of the online buyers have a higher expectation in terms of quality packaging when they are placing the orders for the luxury products online
  • 52% online shoppers are of the opinion that they are going to indulge in repeat purchasing when the products reach them in premium packaging
  • When it comes to women’s dresses, jewelry or some exquisite and delicate gifts, 53% say premium packaging can definitely weave magic and work wonders in satisfying customers

Lure, Attract and Satisfy

When you as the e-seller have the best scope to retain your customers by playing on their psyche with eye-grabbing packaging, let the planning part to be the X-factor in your sales pitch. Make the most of the ample business opportunity that is there in an operating business domain. No matter how good is the quality of the products, if the garnishing part of the complete dish, in this case, the way you deliver the products to the targeted customers, it will not make those to click with the target audience. So grab the attention of the potential buyers, raise their interest, draw their attention so that they use their buying impulse and engage in the online shopping spree.

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