How Pretty Pictures are conquering the Hearts of the Online Shoppers

Steve Burns Posted On - August 28, 2013

How Pretty Pictures are conquering the Hearts of the Online Shoppers
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Is the text-driven syndrome of online search and buying transforming? The landscape of e-commerce has perceived a change, with the infusion of social media playing a crucial role as an influencer for the e-shoppers. Gone are the days when the online buyers just used to put the search query in the search engine and the online business owners jostling with each other showed up and the buyers would indulge in buying. There has been a bit of revamping that is going on in the field of e-commerce, that is, the visual form of shopping is becoming very popular.

How the Visual Mode of Shopping is Weaving Magic

Though trends come and go, the emergence of new shopping habits with the social media fever rising high is here to stay. It is the quality pictures of the products that are catching the interest of the interested buyers, augmenting their urge to buy. The pretty pictures of the products have a greater visual impact and impression in the minds of the people. So if the business owners are able to use the visually stunning mediums to showcase their products, it can have a greater influence in the purchasing behavior of the people.

How the AIDA Theory is working?

The image-heavy online sites like Pinterest, Polyvore and the like has matchless visual appeal, which has been instrumental in pulling quality traffic. Like the words in a content need to be very vocal in serving the educative purpose so that the e-shoppers can take informed decisions, the images are acting not only as the eye-candies, but making the AIDA theory to work out. The pictures are acting as the attention grabbers, helping in raising the interest and curiosity in the minds of the online buyers. It offers an impetus to their desire to take the prompt buying action. So the AIDA theory (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is working out as the buyers are getting more glued to the pictures of the products that they want, while thinking of purchasing online.

The Shift of Focus from Text to Images

The trend of optimizing images is gaining momentum as the shopping behavior is getting reoriented both offline and online. It is like in a way we are treading back to the age where people used to paint pictures in cave walls for better communication. Now for better registration in the minds of the people and with the help of advanced technology, the online business owners are following that path.  The e-shoppers are becoming picture driven, as if consumed by the snaps and having an enriching e-shopping experience.

In the pre-internet era, it was the demand of the glossy magazines, acting like the catalogs that won over the hearts of the people. While rummaging through the shiny covers, the interested buyers used to take the cool decisions about the products, as it got ingrained in their minds. When the mouse has become mightier and competent, let your PC, tablets and the other devices do the work for you of choosing the products and taking the right buying decision. With speedy internet connection and the availability of the wide range of mobile devices, high-end smartphones jacketed with mind-boggling camera features enabling higher navigability, visual shopping is definitely going great guns.

How Social Media is chipping in with its Role

The social media recommendations or the suggestions from family, friends and the like help a person to take the right buying decision. The natural inclination is for spontaneous sharing among the people and social media is playing its part in terms of making the wide variety of products and services of the online business owners to go viral. It is the use of the social media icons on the e-commerce websites, the use of ‘mail a friend’ button and the like which can make the e-sellers to observe higher sales growth, influenced by social media.

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How Pretty Pictures are conquering the Hearts of the Online Shoppers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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