How Rising Competition Impacts Amazon Selling

Thomas Posted On - October 17, 2016

Amazon Selling
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The world of ecommerce appears to have gathered together to dethrone Amazon from its present unprecedented position as the King of Online shopping platforms. can be mentioned as one of those shining examples that have based their very structure on this purpose and seems to have done remarkably well from the very first year of its establishment. Offering the lowest price guarantee, improving the shipping advantages in favor of buyers who spend 35$ or more and fulfillment facilities to match the likes of Amazon is only the beginning of the march to ultimate glory. too has commenced its endeavors to pull Amazon down and has embraced the price policy as its first line of attack. Acquiring has also been named as a phenomenal push to success in this direction. In the mean while, with so much going around it and often against it, the fast and continuous pace of Amazon selling still seems to be getting bigger and better by the day. It somehow appears that Amazon is only resting and relaxing through the drama. To all who still don’t understand how Amazon is managing to stay in place with this dramatic rise in competition, here are a few factors that should be reflected upon…

  • To begin with, playing the price game may not always work favorably for sellers especially those who are present in Amazon as well as in competing platforms. Basically, Amazon does not entertain sellers that list products at a higher price in comparison with competing marketplaces. An act as this can invite suspensions from Amazon almost instantly. So, when invites Amazon sellers and expects them to drive customers from Amazon to, the process can be a bed of nails for the sellers which again will not work in favor of Walmart. Same applies with
  • Secondly, no sellers can deny the fact that Amazon has bagged the faith of millions of buyers at a global level. Competing platforms are yet to gain the same levels of trust from global customers. This again puts Amazon very high on competition level which cannot currently be matched with seller invitations or price games.
  • Besides this, the nature and quality of integrations and other e commerce support solutions designed in favor of Amazon far supersedes competing platforms. Although it is true that high quality integrations like Magento Walmart, Shopify etc have made significant marks in the recent ecommerce history, things still appear stunted when compared with Amazon.

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