How Social Networks can Encourage more Sales for the Retailers

Steve Burns Posted On - April 4, 2013

How Social Networks can Encourage more Sales for the Retailers
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Social media has a huge role to play in offering the retail industry a turbo boost. The web has become a living, animated and social thing. The retail brands after doing their market research has realized that it is the interactivity and communication between the interested customers and the e-sellers which is the need of the hour for increasing sales. The social networks provide a strong base for the e-retailers to forge a solid relationship with the interested customers. The social platforms hugely influence the buying action of the people, though social sales in yet to gear up to pump up the cash generation figure of the e-commerce merchants. The retailers need to get it right while forming the branding and sales strategies by exploiting the resourceful social platform. The stepping stone would be talking and discussing about a brand to involve the individuals who want to be the loyalists. It, in turn, will help in improving the sales figures of the retailers where social media has a role to play.

The Mashup of Social Media and e-Commerce

For strengthening the revenue generation graph of the online retailers, the fusion of social media and e-commerce is one of the hot trends that is likely to grow in 2013. Online businesses should not only make their presence felt in cyberspace but build a strong business profile in the social networks. This will pave the way for spreading brand awareness, hence engaging the customers in the popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. Enhanced customer connectivity enables in consolidating a good customer base, making them to seal business transactions and come back to a retailer for repeated purchases.

Make the Social Communities Buzzing

The business pages of the brands in the most popular networking site like Facebook can make millions of loyalists to flock to a brand. They might end up liking and commenting, but where is social sales getting lost in the whole process?  Every brand has a goal of observing higher ratio of conversion from probable buyers to potential customers and it is only strategic planning which can lead to an increase in the desire of the products among the people and then only it can motivate sales. Social communities can help in a big way by engaging in the interested individuals looking for specific product and services to share, comment, voice their opinion and share their similar passions. As an e-business merchant, you do not become a pushy marketeer, but sales take place via social recommendations.  The discussion and deliberations in the social communities help in generating ideas that make the e-retailers to shape their business in the right way.

Effect of Social Media on E-Shopping can be Huge

The urge to shop online is spreading like wildfire and it is the reviews, ratings and recommendations of friends, relatives and acquaintances from social media, which helps them in taking the buying action. The retailers believe in the fact that social e-commerce can definitely change their course of business, leading things to positive returns in extreme, if there is alignment in thoughts among the e-commerce merchants and the purchasers.

Social Platforms must facilitate Visual Marketing

It is the visual appeal that the wide array of products of an online retailer offers via the appealing videos, Pinterest or Instagram, which is catching the frenzy of the people. It enables in nabbing the attention of the communities that people connect to in a similar niche, irrespective of the fact where they are located across the globe

Harp on the Security Factor in Social Media for Generating Sales

To turn the loyalists of a brand who are vocal about preferring a brand, for instance, proclaiming it in Facebook, into interested shoppers, a sense of security needs to prevail. By winning the trust of the customers by assuring them a sense of security and privacy of their personal details and financial information, social sales can actually happen. This way the brands can do away with abhorred  stories like GAP and JC Penny faced of pulling down their Facebook store. They had vibrant social communities which they tried to convert to sales and came up with Facebook stores, but it failed to have the customers on their stride. Social media can bring in a new revenue stream if things are planned effectively.

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