How the Return Policies can Convert Shoppers into Loyalists

Steve Burns Posted On - May 9, 2013

How the Return Policy can Convert Shoppers into Loyalists
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The website of an e-commerce merchant is equipped with a sell-through rate. It is not only the SEO-friendly wed design of a site, its higher navigational qualities, informative content which can lower down the bounce rate and exit rate of a site, online business ethics also play an important role. Like, as an e-seller, you are more than willing to help a customer to complete his e-shopping journey till the checking out process, offering cent percent satisfaction is absolutely crucial even in the post-purchase phase. As an e-commerce merchant you will not love the idea of having one-time buyers only. If you are looking for repeated sales or want to hold on to your customers, how you frame your return policy and behave with the customers post the e-shopping experience determines whether a shopper would convert into a loyal customer or not.

How a Return Policy can affect an Online Business?

A return policy has the potential to make or break your business. You need to send a warm message that puts the customers in a comfort zone when they are thinking of product exchange, return and the like after buying a product. If you are amiable with your customers not only when they buy but also after the product-purchasing spree, it helps in building credibility and reputation. It is the impulse of the buyers which differentiate whether a shopper will act hastily while shopping or if he is of the nature who goes through the terms and conditions before deciding whether to spend his money or not. Do not let arrogance to spoil your sales count and do not riddle your return policy with threats.

Key Points to Remember while Drafting the Return Policy

  • Place your customers in a safe zone so that they do not have doubts as to whether they would get the active support when they want to exchange an item. Do not be too harsh or outright threatening by using words that can unnerve the customers like “We will not be responsible,” “ we will deduct a restock fee as it’s your fault” and the like.
  • Have your code of business ethics in proper shape. If, as an e-seller, you accept a package before it has been opened, then you accept a return. When the package is tagged with a RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization), then the whole process gets more simplified. However, as an e-commerce merchant you should be more tolerant to accept packages that are without an RMA and should not refuse
  • Everyone is vulnerable to committing mistakes. If as an e-commerce merchant you realize that the mistake was on your part, for instance, you shipped a wrong product or there was some discrepancies while packing, then do not crib about it, but accept it
  • Stick to the words that you proclaim in your return policy as this inspires trust
  • Do not commit the sin of completely emulating the terms and policies of another e-commerce merchant in your niche or from other niche. There is a general inclination among the online stores to copy paste the terms and conditions penned down in the return policy. It harms the image of an e-shop badly
  • The team of customer care executives that you have must be informed and educated so that they can convey the right information to the potential customers
  • Do not resort too much to using the legal terms or jargon. Elucidate your return policy in simplistic terms so that it is transparent to every shopper.
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How the Return Policies can Convert Shoppers into Loyalists, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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