How the Small Online Retailers are Planning up to Make it Big in 2013

Steve Burns Posted On - February 28, 2013

How the Small Online Retailers are Planning up to Make it Big in 2013
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The online business domain has innumerable business merchants cropping up in the respective niches to sell their wares and offer their services.  Attaining visibility in the face of stiff competition is a difficult job. It becomes more difficult for the small retailers who often feel panic-stricken that their business would get lost in the sea of sameness. It is only a well-sketched plan that can help the small-sized businesses to grow manifolds. From effective product feed management to kick-starting their multi-channel marketing campaigns, resorting to ChannelSale can prove to be a good idea.

Strategic Planning<

  • Adding that variety in the vast array of top-quality products so that the customers always have something new to check out and cling to a brand
  • Approach the global market with the aim for business expansion and target the audience  segments in international markets
  • Optimize sites for mobile devices
  • Fructifying plans of having a physical retail outlet
  • Engaging in cost-cutting

A Resourceful and Spiced up Inventory

In the face of stiff competition, it is always necessary to keep on updating the inventory for an e-seller. When the customers are spoiled with a number of choices in terms of choosing a product, it hooks them in exploring the portfolio of a retailer with much eagerness and dedication. Whether it is keeping a tab on the products in stock or effective feed management, the retailers need to pull up their socks for harnessing the attention of their loyalists and to build up their customer base.

Peeping into the Global Market

For the small business owners, running local businesses and hatching plans for maximizing profit only will not suffice. Solid planning backed by the usage of proper resources after conducting a market research can make a web-only merchant to go for business expansion on a global front. When the customers spread worldwide gets to know and rely on a web merchant, it makes way for the online sellers to have higher conversion or sales rate. It is not only about extending the demography of the target audience segment, but also the cumulative effort of reading the minds of the target mass that can help small-sized retailers to further their business prospects.

Going more Viral with Mobile

The convenience of online shopping has made the interested e-shoppers to buy more online via enjoying the coupon codes, discounts and lucrative deals. The retailers in order to earn higher visibility must optimize their site for the mobile devices and the smartphones.

Making a Physical Presence via a Retail Outlet

The small business merchants who only trade online must have their counterpart or a physical retail outlet. It is not an easy business planning for the small business owners as they need to have a strong financial backbone to achieve this plan. However, a physical entity of a retail outlet makes way for higher sales revenue generation, greater exposure of the brand. It also helps in reaching out to the potential customers, no matter where they are situated. The retail outlets have their own set of customers who love to check out products before taking the buying decision and feel it which is not possible in the virtual medium.


By streamlining business processes, the online merchants can cut down on their expenditure and reduce the overall expenses. Product listing in Google will prove to be a beneficial affair for the e-merchants and they are sure to reap major benefits from the paid product listing service of Google Shopping. For laying hands on higher revenue, most of the e-sellers are banking on social media campaigns and they are hopeful that recommendations from social media, positive customer reviews and the traditional word-of-mouth promotion is going to help them in generating higher revenue.

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