Organic Ways To Get Positive Amazon Feedback

Daniel Posted On - July 7, 2016

Amazon Reviews
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Why is feedback necessary at all?

Almost 85% of online purchasers read reviews before purchasing a product from a seller. If a certain product has 5 star rating with an amazing review, it can be expected that the product will sell out many times more in the very near future. A good feedback can thus…

  • Enhance your trustworthiness in terms of service standards and quality of products
  • Convince to-buy-or-not-to-buy customers to finally make their purchase
  • Win more buyers over a short period of time
  • It helps you rise as a seller because Amazon takes positive reviews very seriously and makes sellers face consequences for a collection of negative ones. Good reviews make sellers more dependable adding to their discoverability in this marketplace, which is perhaps the most important reason why it is necessary to have a long list of happy buyer stories posted in your favor.

    How to make Amazon feedback request without using questionable means?

    While reviews are extremely important for sellers in Amazon, it is very necessary to know that all buyers don’t leave reviews after purchasing a product. Even if they have had the best of experience with the sellers they don’t feel the need to leave a good word or two about the same. Sometimes, buyers don’t know how to leave seller feedback on Amazon, making things even more difficult. On a more positive note, following certain organic means of encouraging good reviews can help tilt the scale in favor of the sellers. And no; temptations don’t count in the process.

    Amazon feedback request templates are one of the easiest and most effective ways to guide and encourage the buyers to express their experience in a more positive way. More often than not, the section includes small questions that need to be tick-marked as yes or no or with rating with stars (one being counted as ‘poor’ and five being counted as ‘excellent’).

    Secondly, sellers can also encourage positive reviews with ‘hall of fame reviewers’ and keep in touch with the star reviewers at all times. For all you know, every buyer wants their opinions to count and they will be more than just happy to see their reviews posted in the hall of fame. Hall of Fame reviews (and options as such) are very productive instruments when it comes to convincing more buyers to get right ahead and make their purchases without dilly dallying with products stocked up in their carts.

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