How to Deal with Terrible Reviews and Ratings While Selling On Amazon eBay

Thomas Posted On - December 26, 2016

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Selling in top marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is not without its share of uncertainties. There have been numerous occasions when sellers in these marketplaces have experienced rude shocks in the form of horrible reviews left by buyers for often unreasonable reasons. While our wise ancestors have rightly said that certain things in life need to be taken with a pinch of salt, poor reviews and ratings certainly don’t come into this category.

This is mainly because Amazon and eBay are recognized for taking purchase experience in the part of buyers very seriously and any mishap in the process is dealt with iron fists. Consequences can range anywhere from losing search ranking to receiving warnings or even scrapping of listing that has earned the poor review. On many occasions, buyers leave horrible reviews for reasons that the sellers cannot be blamed for.

On these circumstances the seller Amazon / eBay must keep their calm and approach organic solutions to deal with these reviews. Here are a few measures that can be adopted for safe review handling…

  • Never bad mouth, threaten or challenge the buyers who have posted the reviews even if you know that they are wrong. Amazon and eBay are recognized for ‘buyers are always right’ approach and any attempt that could compromise their interests any further can be dealt with very seriously.
  • Contact the buyers in an extremely professional and polite manner to explain what exactly went wrong. If the buyers get back with their issues, you can be certain that the problem was genuine. If not, you can be assured that the review was posted by a scam buyer who can be a competitor trying to defame you.
  • If the case surrounds scam buyers, then both Amazon and eBay sellers can approach support services for the marketplace and request removal of the review. The process is usually very comprehensive and many sellers have already been benefited with the same. at all times, the measures must be taken at the earliest so that your listing is not scrapped or pushed to invisibility.
  • If the buyer concern is genuine, act immediately and address the issue by offering extended apologies followed with replacement of the product and if possible, a gift voucher or something worthwhile for free.
  • Ecommerce solution developers who offer quality integration services like Magento eBay / Amazon etc also possess tools and support services for review management which should be approached and integrated with at the very onset of your venture.

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