How to DOUBLE your Amazon sales in less than one month?

Stephen Posted On - February 1, 2017

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Breaking the ice on Amazon for higher sales and profit isn’t rocket science. But neither is it any simpler. Thousands of sellers are struggling to make decent revenue on this largest marketplace today.

If you have a storefront on Amazon yourself, you would know the amount of work and countless hours it takes to maintain a high and consistent sale. But what if we tell you that you can increase your sales – double it, in fact – with few smart ways in a month or less?

Exciting, eh?

They aren’t secrets by any mean. Top and successful Amazon sellers know about these ‘smart ways’ well. And you’re about to too.

Here’s how you can 2x your Amazon sales in a month—without even doing anything exceptional-

  1. Automate listing and save time– You first need time to do things, right? So cut back on all the tasks that are irrelevant, time-consuming and that can be automated, like Amazon listing, feed optimization, inventory management. Bank on top (and affordable) e-commerce software solution to integrate your Amazon store with various other marketplaces, webstores and comparison search engines, right from Magneto Amazon to Amazon-Google Shopping.
  2. Get active on Facebook– Facebook is the largest pool of potential customers, regardless your industry. Sadly, not many online vendors use it to the fullest. Don’t be one of them! Get active on Facebook, if aren’t already. Reach out to your target audience, engage them—address their specific needs and promote your products strategically. Don’t shy away from investing in Facebook advertisement.
  3. Talk to your old customers– If customer retention ranks at the bottom of your priority list, time to give that list a reshuffle. Get connected to your old customers; have an impressive post-sale approach for your buying customers. Talk to them via emails (or Social media, IMs). Ask them about their overall experience and address their issues personally. This increase sakes and also builds good store credibility and can even trigger Mouth-of-Word marketing.
  4. Push customers to leave reviews– When approaching your old/current customers, push them to leave good reviews and ratings on Amazon. Of course, you don’t want too pressing though. Be strategical and try to ‘win’ their reviews. When confused, look at your successful competitors and understand how they are gaining more reviews.
  5. Get ready to compromise on your profit margin– Being competitive on Amazon is one of the important success factors for online vendors. So to make higher sales, you must be ready to compromise with small profit margin. Set the price of your products low; Amazon and customers both would love it. To that, low priced products have more chances to win ‘Buy Box’, which could be a big thing.
  6. Offer sensible discounts– Offering continuous discounts throughout the season is one of the biggest mistakes new online sellers make. Map a decent pricing strategy and offer your products on exclusive discounts only when it makes more sense—only when you’re sure of higher ROI.

These are 6 smart ways with which you can double your Amazon store sales in one month or less. Of course, there’s a lot more you must be considerate of. If you’re thoughtful enough when making crucial decisions, you would be able to boost your sales rather easily.

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