How to improve your product listing qualities

Steve Burns Posted On - December 13, 2012

How to improve your product listing quality
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Good quality listings will help people rapidly find, evaluate and buy your products.

A good quality listing will have basic information like Title, SKU#, MPN, UPC, images, brand, price, quantity, product category and description. In addition their are strongly recommended fields and optional/ recommended fields. Find all of this information in the ChannelSale inventory template file available on request.

Use the ChannelSale manage inventory tool and fix portions of the inventory that have incomplete, invalid  or have poor quality information per the guidelines defined by the online Marketplaces, Comparison Shopping engines and Affiliate networks.

To fix lacunas in your listings:

1.  Log into your account.

2. Select Home> Message center.

3. Navigate to feed import message, click on details and view on screen or further click on download as CSV.

4. In the feed import report on screen or offline you will be able to view detailed error for each SKU individually indicating the error type examples missing  MPN, invalid UPC, Image URL etc. Thus now you can easily identify the specific error SKU’s to be targeted and fix the data appropriately prior to re-listing on the Shopping sites.

5. Once you have finished with fixing your product data, save and submit the file for auto importing into your ChannelSale account to immediately implement the product data updates across all the sales campaigns on the online shopping sites/channels.


Happy Selling!

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