How to optimize multi channel product listings?

Stephen Posted On - September 13, 2017

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Your products are just as good as your listing skills.

As ridiculous as that quote sounds, it’s very true. You might have the best products in your collection, your sales will remain slow unless they are listed well on the marketplaces. Be it Amazon, eBay or Walmart—competition is very high on each of the platforms and ranking higher for selected keywords on their internal search engine result pages is difficult. You can’t do that unless you know few of the basic (and tricks) of online product listings.

(Note: Given the big role internal search engines on marketplaces plays behind the sellers’ success, it is imperative that you polish up your listing skills. Facebook and Twitter can drive you only so much of sale.)

Here are 7 expert tips to get the basic of your multi channel listing right—to get your products fully optimized:

Keywords research-

The journey to rank higher on any and every search engine starts with keywords research. Leverage available tools to find the right set of long-tail keywords that your most relevant customers are using. Use these search queries across your stores.

Product Description-

Description is possibly the most important part of your product listing. It tells people about your product—what it is, what’s its quality, how to use and so on. So put your copywriting prowess in work and write a clear, descriptive but short, and keywords-rich description.

Sorting into right categories-

Although often undermined, it is very important to sort your products into the right categories and sub-categories. This helps search engines understand the type and relevancy of your products, which ultimately boosts your ranking.

Pricing and discounts-

Platforms like Amazon and, in particular, prioritize the pricing of products more when ranking them. So be very careful when mapping your pricing strategy. Keep changing the price to match the current trends and your competitors’ strategies. Offer regular and seasonal discounts thoughtfully to push the right triggers at the right time.

Customer reviews-

Prospective customers love reviews—and so does search engines. So ask your buyers to leave good reviews for products—communicate this with them on the post-sales emails. Ask for their feedbacks, testimonials, and about their whole experience.

High-quality images-

Online, people judge the products on the basis of images. So use right and multiple product images. Have them of HD quality. But also compress their size so they don’t delay the loading time.

E-commerce solution-

Make product listings much easier and efficient with multi channel e-commerce software solutions. Integrate your multiple stores on a centralized platform, and list products much more conveniently. Also, do much more like Walmart shipping tracking. Additionally, these solutions make A/B testing much easier. So optimizing your listings become even easier.

These are 7 expert tips to master the art of multi channel listing. Be smart in how you list products and boost your online sales seamlessly.

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