How to win Buy Box on Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears?

Stephen Posted On - April 16, 2018

Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears
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Did you know 82 percent of sales on Amazon happen through Buy Box?

Things are similar even on other marketplaces like Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears. No wonder, the majority of online sellers put so much effort in winning these buy boxes that virtually guarantee them increased sales.

But like every good story comes with some kind of problems—so does this one. Getting your products featured in the buy boxes on major e-commerce platforms is a tedious task. And when thousands of sellers are trying to do the same thing, the competition is seamless and chances are minuscule.

But don’t be disheartened now!

Yes, it’s difficult. But that doesn’t mean you let the opportunity of being a super-successful seller slip by just like that. You definitely should work hard for that. And with the following tips and ways, who know, you can qualify for the buy boxes tomorrow. (So many vendors already have!).

Read Guidelines Like A Bible

The first step to win the buy boxes on major selling platforms is doing exactly what you’re being told to, and avoid things that you’re asked not to do. This is no less than a rule!

One of the biggest mistakes many online vendors make is follow some backdoor techniques and hacks to get what they want. While these shady ways may work for them in the short span, they are bound to fail in the long run. So if, with a long-term vision, you want to add sustainability to your online business, you are advised against following such “tricks and hacks”.

Besides, why follow methods that are against the guidelines of marketplaces when you can win Buy Boxes with legit ways?!

So spend some time in reading the official guidelines of all those platforms where you are selling your products. Yep, the fonts might be small in size and the texts might be boring. But a bit of work in this step can take you a long way.

5 Essentials to Qualify for the Buy Boxes

Here are 5 things that would make you a strong contender to win buy boxes:

Have a professional seller account

Different marketplaces offer different types of seller account. For example, Amazon has two types of seller accounts- Professional Seller and Amazon Vendors. Similarly, NewEgg offers three types of seller accounts- Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. On the other hand, has a standard free account for every type of vendors.

Wherever applicable, remember, you cannot hope to score Buy Box with free accounts. Now don’t go to invest in the costliest package. Just upgrade your current plan to a professional one. This will put you on the list of sellers that marketplace prioritizes. Also, with more flexible options at hand now, you would easily be able to make necessary changes to qualify for the box.

The Most Competitive Price

Online shoppers usually look for affordable items. And what they look for is exactly what marketplaces aim to offer them. So if you’re offering your products at low price, there’s a big chance you could qualify for the buy box easily.

Indeed this means you would have to compromise on your profit margin. This is where effective pricing strategy comes into play a big role. Do your calculation properly and then finalize the listing price accordingly – will the benefits of getting featured in buy box make up for the low price you’re currently selling at?


Many wonder if shipping charge plays as big of a role as it’s generally believed. Here’s what we say – free shipping is a MUST to win buy boxes. Yes, they are a MUST! Indeed, there are many instances where sellers charging shipping fees do get featured in the recommended box. But there a range of different factors come into play here, including their successful sales history.

If you’re trying to qualify for the box quickly, you must offer free shipping to buyers on whatever marketplaces you’re selling on. Again, this is where effective pricing strategy can come into play a prominent role.

Positive reviews and feedbacks

You knew this was coming! It’s a no-brainer.

Good reviews and ratings signal that the customers are satisfied with their purchase. If there are many bad feedbacks, it simply means that the product is bad. Top marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears take user-generated contents very seriously. And rightly so! Would you buy from an online seller that’s plagued with many bad reviews?

So the first step in this department is to offer customers high-quality products and give them no reasons to complain. The second step is to ask them to leave good reviews for the products. And third, if anyone has left a negative remark, answer that person tactfully instead of looking sour.

Keep Your Inventory Updated

No marketplace would like to display products to buyers that risk being out of stock. That’s the biggest experience spoiler for the customers. So as a general rule, to get promoted to the buy box, as well as in the search result for your targeted keywords, you need to keep your inventory updated all the time.

If you’re handling many storefronts, updating your inventories on all platforms can be time-consuming and very inconvenient. This is where a good multi-channel e-commerce solution can help you. It can integrate all your stores on a centralized platform and facilitate real-time, multi-channel inventory management, also providing help with other backend activities like product listings and feed optimization. All these can eventually end up qualifying your products for the buy box.

These are 5 essentials that you need to win buy boxes on e-commerce platforms. Of course, there are few other factors that you should pay heed to equally. But if you manage to pull off these mentioned tips successfully, the other pieces will fall in the right places.

It might all look a bit complicated, but they aren’t. Few steps here and few tweaks there, and your products can stand as a strong contender for the buy box. Besides, even if they look difficult to execute, you should still follow the steps. Remember, getting featured in the buy box can totally change the game for you, making you a successful online seller in no time.

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How to win Buy Box on Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, and Sears?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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