Ifs And Buts Of eBay Stores All Enthusiasts Must Know

Stephen Posted On - February 11, 2018

eBay store management
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eBay sellers that often wish to start glorious endeavors with stores seldom know everything that is associated with this otherwise useful selling system. This can be owed to the very long list of pros that are associated with opening an eBay stores some of which can be mentioned as…

    • Effective and super organized way to manage selling with a list of super effective support solutions
    • Easier discoverability before target buyers especially with the option of individual store icon
    • Means to connect with buyers through an extensive ‘About Me’ page
    • Lower insertion fees, that can go as low as 3 cents per item for fixed price selling
    • Image and reputation building as a serious seller that goes a very long way in enhancing productivity and growth.

What may come in the way though is the process of eBay store management that can often go a little awry if sellers are not too experienced or are unenlightened about the fact that a lot of work needs to be dedicated to maintain a healthy and productive store. Starting an eBay store is not the solution to all selling issues nor is it a magic potion to instant visibility, traffic, conversions, profits and growth. It is merely an extended platform that can aid in harmonized and organized selling that may contribute to competitive advantage.

For those that are in the process of starting a store based on only the pros, here is a list of cons that should be considered equally before you make the leap…

    • While it is true that anyone with a proper eBay account, verified credit card and PayPal account can open a store, it is always better to approach the option if you are experienced to a certain extent with eBay selling, are serious about your endeavors in this marketplace and may have earned a power seller badge in the recent past.
    • Secondly, please remember that you will have to pay monthly fees whether you make a sale or not. For basic stores it is 15.99$, Features Store can cost over 60$ and an Anchor store can cost over 260$ with ascending order of features and advantages.
    • Thirdly, you may have a buy it now listing, but there is no guarantee that it will show up in the search results. Therefore, sellers will have to carry out proper optimization as well as end to end integrations like eBay Volusion Amazon etc to gain the best of visibility and store harmony.
      Fourthly, you will have to pay higher final value fees that balances out the low insertion fees
    • Lastly, if you are not consistent with the sale you make per month, you may have to think twice about starting a store.

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Ifs And Buts Of eBay Stores All Enthusiasts Must Know, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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