Importing Tracking in Magento Application – Steps to Do It

Thomas Posted On - January 29, 2016 API integration
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One of the most well-recognized e-commerce platforms available today, Magento allows building online stores and maintaining the same. The Application Programming Interface (API) of Magento also lets you do revisions to the source code of your online store. However, for people who are not experts in computer programming or who lack the time for creating codes for stores can get add-on support from Magento to enhance the functionality of their Magento app. Here are the steps that you have to use in order to import tracking info into the database of your Magento online store.

Sign into Magento

First of all, you have to sign into the admin panel of your Magento account. Go to your Magento dashboard and click on the heading named “System”. Click to highlight the option named “Magento Connect” in your context menu which arises under the heading “System”. Click on the sub-option “Magento Connect Manager”.

Complete the setup process

Sign into your Magento Connect website by using all the details that you have been provided. Paste the extension key of your tracking module into the field named “Paste Extension Key to Install”. Click on the button named “Install” in order to set up the module for your online store. Go back to your dashboard on Magento once the installation procedure has come to a finish.

Get the tracking module

Click on the heading named “Sales”. Choose the option named “Import Tracking” from your context menu which shows up under the heading in order to get the tracking module. If you wish to import tracking details to the database of your store, you can try using any of the modules of Magento in order to import tracking information from a XML (Extensible Markup Language) or CSV (comma separated values) file. You may seek assistance in this regard from any of the companies that offer multi-channel promotional services on and other channels.

Upload the file

Click on the “Choose File” or “Upload” option from the “Upload File Manually” or “Upload File” heading of the module. Browse to the XML or CSV file which comprises of the tracking information that you wish to import. Click on the option named “Store Settings” or “Save Config” in the toolbar of the module. This will set the Magento platform in a proper manner and allow you to upload tracking data from the XML or CSV file that you are using.

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