Improved product photography is the key for success for ecommerce merchants

Daniel Posted On - March 20, 2014

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It is said that online customers engage in the e-buying process when they are completely convinced. The high-resolution pictures uploaded on an e-commerce site and being showcased from different angles in tune with the needs of the customers can lead to higher conversions for the web merchants. In this age of digitization, visual impact that the product category of an online seller makes goes a long way in winning the trust of the consumers, making them to seal a business deal.

After having walked in this direction, Parts Town, the ecommerce site has been able to boost its sales figure. The site was launched for the first time five years back. Since then the site coupled with a new mobile-optimized version has supported the company to grow by double digits each year to reach more than $75 million in sales. Emanuela Delgado, Vice President of marketing and innovation has credited the e-commerce and mobile technology to a large extent for the galloping growth of the company. She said major percentage of Parts Town’s total transactions is conducted online, which is increasing on a daily basis.

Previously, the e-commerce site of Parts Town, used to largely depend on its customer service representatives while dealing with an online customer regarding identifying the right products.  It was a great challenge to deal with the customers online as product images were not available on numerous occasions. Parts Town has totally overcome this difficulty by incorporating from Snap36, a provider of photographic technology and services that can produce 360-degree and 3-D images of products. Now shoppers can easily access 25,000 images of various products and see image variations like 360-degree spinning, zooming with great pixel quality and viewing various angles including minute details to become satisfied before they are buying a Bunn coffee-brewing funnel machine or a Vulcan Hart gas cooking range.

Let your eye-grabbing products go social and viral

When you want your products to create an online buzz in the social media networking channels, ensure you use the best photo technology. Let your products hog the limelight with a higher visual quotient, then it augments your desire for higher sales and conversion. Your online gateway can not only pull quality traffic, have higher conversions, but also make your sales graph shoot up.

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Improved product photography is the key for success for ecommerce merchants, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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