Irresistible Advantages Of Amazon Seller Central

Thomas Posted On - March 15, 2016

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The seller central in Amazon can be explained in a nutshell as a web interface through which sellers can manage their orders and much more. This is by far, one of the most useful features that Amazon has ever introduced in favor of those performing within their umbrella besides the Vendor central. The applicability of each is decided according to the requirements of the sellers in general. However, there are times when the Amazon seller central seems to outshine the Vendor central while offering truck loads of pro seller advantages that any Amazon enthusiast may ever have expected.

To begin with, seller central is famed for creating greater percentage of profits in favor of the sellers. In this plane, the commission of Amazon stays anywhere around 6% to 15% while the applicable fees are also maintained at bare minimum. At the same time and as has been expressed by the users of this facility, sellers can also keep over 40% more profits as compared with the vendor central. If this is no good news, then perhaps nothing is.

Secondly, seller central also offers greater control over inventory that is usually not an attribute with the vendor central. For example, in vendor central, Amazon owns the inventory of the seller and holds the key to how much inventory the vendors will place on Amazon. Once the vendor inventory is held by Amazon, sellers lose all control on the same. In simple words, recalling the inventory will never be a possibility. However, things are the exact opposite with seller central which is in fact, a blessing.

Thirdly, as far as pricing is concerned Amazon sellers can experience greater benefits in seller central than in vendor central. In simple words, setting your own pricing is possible in the former which makes it easy for the sellers to enforce their minimum advertised price. This leaves the sellers in complete control over their financial goals.

Fourthly, as far as payments are concerned, seller central happens to be far more proactive than the vendor central. Weekly or bi weekly payments have always worked encouragingly in favor of all enthusiasts who wish to free up cash for catering to immediate purposes. In vendor central, sellers never know when their payment would arrive. However, they are amply sure that payments within 30 days will cost them at least 2% of the value. Besides the mentioned, seller central also boasts high control on customer data and service at the same time.

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Irresistible Advantages Of Amazon Seller Central, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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