Integration – Why Should You Rely on Professional Services?

Thomas Posted On - February 29, 2016 api developer
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As a seller, you will need to integrate the Jet platform into your store. You can manage orders, upload items, download orders and control the returns that you get with a proper integration of the platform. Although you can ensure the integration from your own end, it is a good idea to settle for a professional integration service provider and entrust the company with the responsibility. Read on and find out why you should do this.

Proper syncing with appropriate categories

With professional integration service providing companies, you can sync the right items from your store with the right categories. Experts can use good plug-ins and software apps to facilitate the integration and ensure that the syncing is done in a seamless manner. A parent-child relationship is established between your store products and that of

Associated services

With professional companies, the assistance does not begin and end only with integration. You can also get help with management of your stores. Whether automated product listing, granular level product mapping or real-time inventory management, you can get proper assistance with each and everything. You will also get management assistance with shipping and order tracking, which can assist you in managing multiple or single store from your end.

Higher visibility

Other than API integration, you can also have your products promoted on the store across a wide variety of channels. Your items can get optimal visibility online and get marketed to optimal number of users online. Experts can help you with selling items of any shape, type, size and color. Irrespective of whether you would like to sell multi-variation items, kits, group items or bundles, you can get proper assistance.

Marking up of costs

You can also have a differing pricing structure for different online marketplaces, including The costs will also be marked up for various online shopping stores. As a seller, you cannot afford to lose out in the race due to non-flexibility with pricing. The entire cost structure can be automatically marked up and adjusted according to the demands of consumers.

Updates with selling information

With the help of, API developer, you can get product stock updates at regular intervals and be aware of whether your items are selling over or under your expectations. You can change the type of products or pricing structure and other things on the basis of the updates that you get.

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