Know the data quality tips to be successful on Google Shopping.

Daniel Posted On - February 21, 2015

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E-commerce market is expanding in a rapid growth rate. Automatically competition is also increasing in a equally high ratio. All the e-retailers are feeling that pressure and trying to sustain in this market by putting their best efforts in many ways.

To be successful in selling products online you must have well defined product data.  If you are planning to sell something on Google or simply want to sell an item on Amazon or want to highlight your products through any channel online, an all inclusive, well planned inventory data with detail descriptions will come to your help.

For this, you need to fulfill round up information about your product. If there is gap in providing information regarding the products and the items you are selling online, it will seriously hamper the conversion rate. So be sure you are furnishing every required detail.

To check, whether you are missing out any data, you can always depend on automated software or a data feed manager. But there are still many attributes which is not possible to be optimized this way. But hey may have a strong effect on your online transaction as well as on search impressions.

Here are those important factors:

Incomplete data create a huge problem. If there is an empty data column it may negatively affect your conversion. Automated software can not correct it. So put special attention on this. First check if all the information is available. First be focused on the required column then be specific on prioritizing other related information.

Next, you will have to pay attention about the factor related to a broken link. Incase you have some links in your data file that do not work it will create a serious problem for you. Google will not accept items with such feed that do not function. And if there is a considerable number of these broken links then Google will exclude all your products from search.

Product images of the items displayed on site play an extremely important role. Your inventory file should carry the right sized images whenever you are sending the files to Google. The main reason for this is, Google is extremely particular about its recommended size. It is also to be kept in mind that Google does not allow any water mark or promotional texts on the product images. So it should be free from this. Apart from this, you must pay special attention towards your product Ids so that you do not face any problem regarding this in terms of duplication or any other factor.

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Know the data quality tips to be successful on Google Shopping., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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