Know the eCommerce tips to boost your online holiday sales!

Stephen Posted On - May 22, 2015

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Holiday season is a time when all retailers look forward to earn a fortune. No doubt this is the most favorable time to fill the gap you have in your commercial record because it is assumed that online sale only in U.S. will reach $72.4 billion.

To best utilize this situation, reports confirm that retailers have taken help of the following guidelines in the past season and will continue to do so going forward:

While making plan for the holiday season marketing campaign keep it in mind that 47% of the total shoppers in U.S., prefers online retailing. And 44% of regular shoppers will opt for buying gifts only online. For these consumers free shipping facility matters a lot. So always highlight your free shipping offer while you campaign for the Christmas time.

Also keep in mind that 74% of the shoppers will search online to make wish lists and two out of five consumers will look for best deals on the net. Not only that another44% will choose the items online and will wish to collect it from the retail store. All these factors should influence your campaigning style.

It is also very important to note that in last 12 months 30% consumers have made purchases based on their social network feeds. This holiday season it is found from the popular social networking sites that 59% will go for a purchasing decision if there is a discount offer. On the other hand 58% said rewards and loyalty points will definitely influence their respective purchasing plans.

Interestingly 56% consumers have admitted in Facebook and Twitter that their buying decision will be regulated by daily deals offered by various retailers. But incase of exclusive products 52% said they are interested to buy such specialty items on social networking sites. So don’t forget these vital factors while you are creating a campaign on the social networking sites you are aiming to.

Mobile devices are playing an extremely important role in shopping these days. This holiday season also will at least 84% shoppers are expected to use their handsets before they are shopping or during their shopping. A study already reveals 69% will use their smartphones for this year’s holiday shopping.

It also disclosed that one third consumers are comfortable in getting information about various deals through their mobile devices. And one out of three shoppers prefers to get the necessary information via their mobile devices in stead of getting it from a sales person in the store.

As a result analysts are coming to a conclusion that in this holiday season it is likely that 33% of total sales will come from mobile sales. Take this information into your account during making your sales strategy and also keep alert that 25% consumers said easy-to-use mobile websites will be one of their most important criterion while choosing a particular retailer.

There are some other factors too. You need to be well aware about the consumers’ shopping behaviors. It is found that 50% shoppers keep a close track about different retailers’ varieties of deals and discount offers. And 28% of shoppers usually have the trend of spending 50% of their total shopping budget at the Black Friday weekend.

Furthermore, 80% of online shoppers and 71% offline shoppers declared they obviously get influenced by marketing e-mails carrying various offers and deals.

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