Last Minute Checklist For Amazon Store Owners Before Christmas 2016

Stephen Posted On - November 2, 2016

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Online shoppers are already at the festive best and are more ready than ever to spend on the best of deals. For sellers who are yet to experience a phenomenal boost in their performance in terms of visibility, sale and profits, it may be time run a close eye on the last minute checklist before Christmas 2016…

Introduce exclusive products

People are in a mood to buy more and this purchase motivated mood will last till early next year. This is thus the best time to introduce exclusive products that you may have in stock. These products can be introduced in your Amazon store with the existing popular products to maintain a harmonious balance.

Relax shipping

If you wish to gain the best of visibility this season, you must consider relaxing your shipping costs and policies at least for a specified period of time. You can either consider opting for free shipping for a specified number of weeks or a specific date, or you can offer zero shipping charges over a certain amount of sale. In either ways, you can win the best of attention from Amazon with high search rankings.

A few dollars less can win you a few hundred more

This is also the best time to introduce much necessary changes in Amazon listing in terms of price. For a few dollars less per product, you may end up winning hundreds or even thousands of dollars more through the sheer bulk of sale that pours in. you will however, have to maintain your listing assistance tools including pricing and fee calculation tools at optimum performance levels.

Deals, deals and more deals

Buy this and get that free, buy 2 and get 2 free, buy combos and save 50% so on and so forth will receive maximum attention from purchase motivated buyers. If it is feasible for you, you can also offer free gift wrapping for buyers who wish to send festive gifts to their loved ones. You can also add a festive note from you as a seller to the buyer, which is assured to win the confidence of the latter.

There is no harm in creating a little urgency

If a best seller product is listed at the best price and there are only 2 units left in stock, buyers will be more than just motivated to speed up their purchase. Tools and softwares that can help display variable stock levels at the product page can be used for the purpose.

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