Lowest Price ≠ Buy Box – Few Eye Openers For Ambitious Amazon Sellers

Robin Smith Posted On - April 11, 2016

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Introducing Buy Box has been a game changer for infinite sellers in Amazon. The matter of featuring at the top rung of similar listings placed by fellow competitors is the most cherished gift of the buy box and this happens to be profitable in many ways than one. An immediate increase in traffic and conversions is only a part of the entire scene. It can be said in very simple words that Amazon Buy Box can make any Amazon seller many times more prominent than their competitors selling the same or similar products. The question that surrounds the enthusiasts though is how to qualify for the buy box and maintain the position there forever.

Till date, there was a popular belief that it is the lowest price of the products that brings sellers to this coveted window of opportunities. This though, is nothing more than a myth. Seller experience over a prolonged period of time in Amazon has made it amply obvious that striking off price tags to scratch profit levels is foolish and never a strategy to win the Buy Box eligibility. Ambitious sellers who may have been saying to themselves that it is alright to sacrifice gains for the sake of visibility are in fact making a very damaging mistake. Basically, taking a closer look, it can be seen that Buy Box eligibility is determined more through performance than price.

Amazon has explained it in clear and comprehensive terms that sellers who offer the best purchase experience to buyers will always be favored. If you as a seller have been existent in this marketplace for a considerable period of time and have been conducting business by the rules with very high quality reviews posted regularly in your favor, you can be rest assured that Buy Box will come your way in the near or far future.

The race for this window starts from the day you establish your presence in Amazon. From listing your products attractively while being accurate at the same time to paying special attention to Amazon inventory management which happens to be the backbone of your operational stability, everything matters in creating a smooth and trustworthy cocoon that is assured to invite customers and bring them back over and over again. Taking care of order defect rates and keeping track of performance metrics matters to the very last word. Lastly, it is competitive believable pricing and not lowest pricing that adds icing to the cake.

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Lowest Price ≠ Buy Box – Few Eye Openers For Ambitious Amazon Sellers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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