New Cloudera Platform Will Lead Shopzilla To Have Better Retail Insights

Shrikar Khare Posted On - November 25, 2014

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Recently Shopzilla Inc has taken a new venture to enhance its technological support towards its customers. They have tied up with Cloudera an eminent name in analytic data management which will aid the existing enterprise data warehouse or EDW in short form.

Shopzilla is known for its notable contribution in connecting buyers and sellers through their site. So it was always dealing with a huge number of data containing various details about the consumers and the manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. By implementing this system now the company will be definitely in a better position to tackle the inputs in a more systematic and efficient way.

 This Cloudera enterprise data hub empowers the company to process this databank more innovatively and deliver new facts and figures on millions of page views including 10 billion ad requests on a daily basis. It is also allowing Shopzilla to gain an incredible speed in analyzing these voluminous data. Previously which took a couple of days now the same work will be done within a few minutes to maximum few hours at the most, depending on the type of work to be completed!

Apart from this, in recent period Shopzilla has taken few more steps towards upgrading its services. Combining its three marketing-centric business units under one umbrella christened as Connexity is an important example of this new strategy. The reason behind uniting the operational activities of these three centers has a main focus that speaks about combining consumer insights and media buying within the same programmatic platform. No doubt it provides extraordinary support for the marketers to understand various marketing aspects including offering details about their customers, pin-pointing valuable audiences, and many more.

Shopzilla is growing in its sphere of activities on a regular basis and its importance in international market also is rising on a galloping speed which is indicating its dealing with a continuously increasing data. While dealing with this heavily increased data, the company is always facing a challenge to keep up with the efficiency level and its standard of work.

That is why, Paramjit Singh, the director of data management for Shopzilla said with great hope and confidence that the new Cloudera platform will provide them the required ability and environment to maintain their legacy of processing huge data in an enormous speed delivering perfect analytical reports n time.

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