Nextag Launches a New CSE called Price Machine

Steve Burns Posted On - March 21, 2013

Nextag Launches a New CSE called Price Machine
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If you swear by online shopping, then you are definitely in the habit of comparing prices before putting in your money. Nextag secures one of the top slots in the minds of the buyers when they think of engaging in a comparative study of the products prices that they want to buy. Now Nextag has a lot more to offer to the price discriminating shoppers with its new comparison search engine, Price Machine.

The Marketplace is Buzzing with News

The online marketplaces with the presence of the giant retailers has made the comparison search engines to be immensely popular. There is a lot going on since Google Product Search changed to Google Shopping in the fourth quarter of 2012, where the e-sellers need to shell out money and go for paid listing. With the soaring popularity of the mobile devices and the phenomenon of mobile shopping gaining ground, the ‘showrooming’ trend is also in vogue. The online shoppers are smart buyers and in the face of the dull economic situation, a seasoned customer will definitely think twice before using their spending power. The hunt to find the attractive offers and the lucrative deals makes them to weigh the prices offered by the different retailers before making the best buy.

New Nextag’s CSE in the Marketplace

In the first quarter of 2013, the owners of Nextag made the tongues wagging by spelling out a great news. Nextag has belted out a new CSE, known as Price Machine. Wize Commerce, the owner of Nextag has considered “lowest price” to be the edgy factor of this new Comparison Search Engine. Wize Commerce stated that they do not like the idea of bestowing the tag of ‘lowest price’ to Price Machine. However, it is the purchasing behavior of the customers to compare prices and the current trends that dominate the psychological behavior of the interested customers, which made them to roll out this new shopping engine.

The Urge to Buy is governed by Price and Quality

When talking about the launching of Nextag’s new CSE, Wize Commerce highlighted some glaring truths that can be perceived while feeling the pulse of online shopping. The real picture that the arena of e-shopping holds up is that the key factor which has a major role in making a buyer to take the purchasing decision, is the ‘price’ of a product. Though definitely quality of a product that an e- shopper is interested to buy matters, it is the price which acts the compelling force for him in taking the prompt buying action. With online shopping becoming popular, the inclination among the buyers to make a thorough research and compare the prices has soared overwhelmingly. Since online shopping makes the bevy of customers to save by enjoying the hot deals, exciting offers and more, they are always in the lookout to grab the best offers.

So Price Machine is here for those seasoned buyers who love to tread cautiously while buying online. They want to ensure that their hard-earned money is not going down the drains. Price Machine by offering the best of information on prices of products that the e-commerce merchants offer will be the CSE that all the potential buyers will flock to for checking out the pricing structures and offers.

Steady Traffic from Local and Mobile Devices

Wize Commerce has made the marketplace to roll with the news of Nextag’s new CSE. They are banking on the trend of the mobile devices, smartphones taking center stage in the e-buying process. It is local and mobile traffic to Price Machine which can be the biggest draw for the online merchants to derive the required business juice from this CSE. The online sellers who are in need of optimum level of exposure can definitely resort to the multi-channel marketing programs that ChannelSale offers to let the businesses of the e-commerce merchants to scale heights.

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Nextag Launches a New CSE called Price Machine, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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