Online Custom Upholstery Program From Wayfair Reaps Significant Hits

Daniel Posted On - April 29, 2015

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The urge to introduce touches of uniqueness in homes will no longer be an expensive and thus, distant dream. All thanks to the thoroughly innovative thinking of Wayfair, one of the upcoming leaders in the world of upholstery and furniture, that all things custom can become a realizable wish of buyers. While it is true that the forces of competition have been felt extensively in the world of online furniture shops, the primary aim of introducing the online custom upholstery program has essentially been to extend possibility of quality furniture improvements to all homes. Wayfair could not ignore the fact that buyers today love personalizing and this is where the aspects of this program is expected to show results and that too within a very short time.

The program basically includes 8 product categories that include sofas, beds, chairs, love seats etc. Each piece of furniture is available in 12 to 20 fabrics depending upon its type. This in itself exposes target buyers to a plethora of options which are never too bleak to be overlooked. Besides this, Wayfair has also expressed their intentions of introducing new fabrics to their catalog twice a year. In very simple words, Wayfair is on its way to some serious expansion but is at the same time, staying within a safe and tested comfort zone. This could actually be one of the many reasons that could eventually propel its success.

Introducing options though, is not where the efforts of Wayfair ends. Considerable focus upon the undeniable eCommerce marketing plans and strategies also falls within the top priorities of this company. From ensuring availability of the best custom upholstery, the company has also ensured making the options available at the most suitable prices. Topping it up with hassle free and seedy delivery, there is not much that can expect to slow down the prospects of Wayfair in the forthcoming future.

The CEO and co founder of the company, Niraj Shah is very hopeful about succeeding in his effort to reach out to every enthusiast who may have wanted custom furniture in the past, but were restrained by numerous factors be it availability or cost.

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