Operating Walmart, Amazon, eBay Stores Together? Here Are 4 Hurdles You Should Be Ready To Face

Stephen Posted On - May 9, 2017

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Being present in all top performing marketplaces can contribute to massive progress in terms of traffic, conversions, revenues and overall growth in the part of e commerce sellers. On the flipside though, operational hassles in such ambitious endeavors could mount to unmanageable extent. Here are 4 hurdles that any eBay Amazon store owners can face while adding Walmart to their multichannel endeavors as well…

Price management will drive you crazy –

Amazon, eBay and Walmart online marketplace each have their own individual pricing rules. Amazon focuses on justified pricing for extended purchase experience; eBay ensures offering the best deals to buyers and Walmart.com focuses particularly on the lowest prices. However, none of these platforms are ready to entertain sellers in their domain that offer lowest prices in the same products elsewhere. Managing costs in all three platforms while maintaining profit margins can thus, cause sellers to lose their sleep.

Integration efforts can get expensive –

Amazon Walmart eBay store integrations is imperative for attaining optimum levels of hassle free performance. However, the process of integration often involves the application of very high quality feature dense softwares which can get a little expensive for sellers at the onset. The results of the integration that follows though, justifies the expense.

You may have to deal with order fulfillment mess –

That is unless you have FBA handling it all. FBA applies equally on Amazon, eBay and Walmart.com. However, FBA does not handle all types of products which may often force sellers to choose other means of order completion. Sellers that are engaged with 2 or more order fulfillment systems can often face tumultuous confusions that can damage the quality of performance in respective marketplaces.

Order fulfillment quality is one of the primary criteria for reputation and visibility in Amazon, eBay and Walmart.com. Therefore, mismanagement of the same can be as bad as a death blow to overall selling endeavors.

Operation costs can rise if you are not careful –

Sellers that have not taken calculated approach towards operation management across each of these marketplaces can end spending by the thousands to patch hurdles, hassles and pitfalls that keep appearing on the way. rising operational may go unnoticed for the first few months, but definitely show up like a sore thumb while calculation gross and net revenues at the end of the year.

Sellers are thus advised to commence their endeavors with properly integrated cost management systems and strategies for staying at the safer end of odds.

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