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eBay Feedback Importance And Seller Reactions In A Nutshell

08/09/2016 by Stephen

Being a performance based marketplace that assures best purchase experience for buyers, eBay takes the matter of reviews and ratings very seriously. For any seller to gain optimum exposure in the platform and reasonable ranking in the search engine, it is imperative to maintain reviews and ratings to a certain specified level of excellence. Say […]

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Most Effective Solutions For Reducing eBay Fees

08/09/2016 by Steve Burns

Maximizing sale and minimizing operational and administrative expenses is the easiest solution to experience quick growth and healthy profits in any business venture whatsoever. However, things can often get a little difficult operating in top ecommerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Understanding the loopholes from where profit seepage happens is perhaps the most difficult hurdle […]

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Best Ways To Increase eBay Traffic Organically

05/09/2016 by Robin Smith

What is ‘Organic’ Traffic anyway? Sellers in top e commerce marketplaces are always fraught with the fight to visibility. At present, eBay and Amazon hosts thousands of merchants / sellers that are selling within the same product category and competing for the same set of target buyers. This has resulted in a sort of commotion […]

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Quick Tips To Determine The Most Profitable Items To Sell On Amazon And eBay

05/09/2016 by Robin Smith

Amazon and eBay are the top two ecommerce marketplaces that host millions of products within its ever expanding domain. Varieties of sellers selling a variety of products to cater to the requirements of infinite different types of customers, happens to be an everyday affair in these platforms. Competition is always at its highest in Amazon […]

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Quick Tips To Make Your Seller Profile Look More Authentic In eBay

04/09/2016 by Steve Burns

How you manage your profile in ecommerce marketplaces as a seller goes a very long way in determining how impressed and convinced your target customers will be. While there are certain ecommerce marketplaces that do not allow sellers to gain more popularity over the platform itself (like Amazon), there are others that ensure that all […]

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eBay Auction Listing Tips For Very Expensive Items

03/09/2016 by Stephen

Some of the most expensive items ever sold in eBay range over 4 to 5 million dollars through auction listing. So, if you are an eBay seller with something truly valuable to offer, you can be rest assured that the right set of target audience will be waiting to pay the best price for the […]

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Few Tips That Will Help You Get More Confident With eBay International Selling

02/09/2016 by Robin Smith

eBay is a global name that the majority of online shoppers in any country whatsoever recognizes with unflinching trust. This can be considered a good reason why any serious seller should consider transcending boundaries and start selling internationally. Selling internationally though eBay means winning maximum attention from millions of buyers worldwide that can magnify traffic […]

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What’s The Deal With eBay Deals! 5 Things You Must Know

01/09/2016 by Robin Smith

Online shoppers especially those in eBay are ever motivated to locate the best of deals for the best of products that will help them save money while gaining maximum utility out of the purchased item. Taking a look at the introduction to eBay Deals, one can only see the motivation behind this master plan of […]

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5 Things That Will Make You Reach Out For eBay Global Shipping Policy

21/08/2016 by Stephen

eBay has always strived to expand scope of selling in favor of merchants and sellers performing in this top marketplace. The Global Shipping program is one of those measures introduced by this top marketplace that enables sellers to rise over and above geographical limits and expand their horizons to overseas markets as well. All this […]

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eBay Policy For Duplicate Listing – Bolt In The Blue For Sellers

20/08/2016 by Thomas

So, what exactly is duplicate listing in eBay? To answer in very simple words and as has been expressed by infinite sellers over the months, this is one of those little fire crackers that eBay keeps introducing to make the life of performing merchants a little more difficult than before. Duplicate listings basically refer to […]

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Have A Super Expensive Item To Sell On eBay? Take These Precautionary Measures

16/08/2016 by Daniel

These million dollar products were actually sold on eBay… Dinner with Warren Buffet – 2.63 million! 5 person town of Albert, Texas – 2.5 million! Zagami Martian meteorite – 450,000 $ The Giga Yacht at 168,000,000 $ is perhaps one the most expensive eBay item ever to be sold! Yes… all of these and more […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Product Reviews In A Nutshell

14/08/2016 by Shrikar Khare

Why do you need good reviews? A good word or two, a pat on the back or more, a salutation, a few hats off… performance reviews in any form and for anything whatsoever is always welcome. When it comes to e commerce, reviews are one of the most potent ways to build an unshakable reputation […]

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5 Shopping Channels That Can Bring Home The Best ROI In 2016

12/08/2016 by Steve Burns

Multichannel ecommerce is not easy. If you are taking the trouble to spread your venture into (around) 5 different platforms or more, you will have to ensure that your efforts count. Choosing the right platforms will compliment your efforts and win you maximum ROI than squandering your time and money in marketplaces that simply does […]

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