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Walmart Integrated with ChannelSale

22/07/2016 by Robin Smith

– Another Revolutionary Step Towards Seller Success Walmart ChannelSale integration features: The Walmart ChannelSale integration provides features to automatically create new or update existing product listings on Walmart marketplace. Synchronize product listings data with ChannelSale’s pre-configured shopping cart solutions Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion, 3D Cart, Americommerce and many more. Create listings on Walmart via your product feed import into ChannelSale in any file formats, be it API-XML, TXT, […]

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4 Most Promising Marketplaces Multichannel Sellers Cannot Ignore In 2016

16/07/2016 by Stephen

There are a few e commerce marketplaces that sellers aiming for multichannel ventures must consider for the sake of a brighter future. Some of these marketplaces may not feature somewhere in the top, but have proven very fruitful for many merchants who have managed to launch their best efforts in these platforms… Amazon & eBay […]

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Top Reasons Why You MUST Use Amazon Repricing Softwares

14/07/2016 by Stephen

Why is pricing important in Amazon? A lot lies in pricing of products while performing in Amazon. Sellers have either been warned against or have faced firsthand consequences of pricing too high or too low, each of which can be very dangerous as far as visibility and trustworthiness of the products is concerned making it […]

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4 Amazon Seller Tools That Can Be Your Lifeline In Jet Speed Selling

11/07/2016 by Robin Smith

It is always advisable to not toolify your e commerce ventures to the teeth especially if it involves multiple platforms of sale or top performing marketplaces like Amazon that appears to have a mind of its own. Simplicity and compactness has always been the mantra for better operational management. However, there are certain Amazon seller […]

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Silliest Ways Sellers Have Actually Tried For Removing Negative Reviews On Amazon

11/07/2016 by Stephen

No seller likes receiving negative reviews on their performance in Amazon, whether justified or otherwise. This is for the simple reason that negative feedback and that too those that pour in almost continuously usually claw away on their image as a good seller while compromising on sale many times over. So, the first thing that […]

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Organic Ways To Get Positive Amazon Feedback

07/07/2016 by Daniel

Why is feedback necessary at all? Almost 85% of online purchasers read reviews before purchasing a product from a seller. If a certain product has 5 star rating with an amazing review, it can be expected that the product will sell out many times more in the very near future. A good feedback can thus… […]

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Tips To Handle Poor or Negetive Feedback In eBay

06/07/2016 by Robin Smith

Receiving poor feedback in eBay can be devastating in many ways than one. Whether the review was left as a mistake or was intended to hurt the seller for whatever reason or was absolutely genuine, sellers cannot bear the trauma of being exposed to these stinkers. The question that most sellers end up asking after […]

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Be Warned About These Factors While Choosing Free Inventory Management Softwares

04/07/2016 by Stephen

Almost every ecommerce sellers whether small, midsized or large, require suitable inventory management systems to have their stock and movement of stock organized to a certain level. Beginners in the field often opt to start with inventory control solutions that are available for free. This is justified to an extent because the former are often […]

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Make Your Amazon Feed More Discoverable With These Tips

29/06/2016 by Thomas

Product discoverability in Amazon has always been a challenge. Competition in this top marketplace is always at the highest and just about every seller is engaged in putting their best foot forward using the same set of tools, softwares and strategies. So, with everyone doing their level best, the chance of being discovered by Amazon […]

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Google Shopping Feed Dos and Don’ts

29/06/2016 by Robin Smith

Platforms of opportunities often come with a range of if-then-else’s navigating through which can claim any odd e commerce seller’s patience. This is especially true in case of top comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping managing performance in which can always be challenging and expensive at the same time. Basically, there are two steps to […]

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Beginners’ Best Approach To Multichannel E Commerce

28/06/2016 by Stephen

When you want to be present in more than one selling platform from the very onset of your e commerce venture, it is extremely necessary that you play your cards flawlessly. Being lenient and having your judgement clouded with whims and wishes can prevent any multichannel endeavor from taking off from ground level. Here are […]

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Easy Tips To Sell Out Your eBay Inventory Faster

28/06/2016 by Steve Burns

There is no better way than organic way to sell out your eBay inventory. For those who have been resorting to tricks and hacks and have been facing warnings from the platform, take a clue or two from the following organic tips to ship your inventory the happy way for better profits and higher rankings… […]

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Multichannel Ecommerce Rules You Must Never Overlook

27/06/2016 by Robin Smith

Multichannel ecommerce is the best route to winning maximum traffic for your online store. Almost all successful online merchants owe their growth and profits to this one of a kind way to reach millions of prospective buyers at one single shot. However, there are yet another lot of sellers that have not been able to […]

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