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Know the eCommerce tips to boost your online holiday sales!

22/05/2015 by Stephen | No Comments

Holiday season is a time when all retailers look forward to earn a fortune. No doubt this is the most favorable time to fill the gap you have in your commercial record because it is assumed that online sale only in U.S. will reach $72.4 billion. To best utilize this situation, reports confirm that retailers […]

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Retailers with upgraded mobile sites made extra-merry

21/05/2015 by Thomas | No Comments

With the advent of technology and availability of smartphones & tablets to a larger section of the public, the 2014 holiday season noted a remarkable growth in the number of consumers shopping through smartphones and tablets. Three retailers, who have already invested in mobile commerce, claimed that they had gained huge benefits. For example, the […]

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Get Discovered In Amazon In These Simple Ways

20/05/2015 by Shrikar Khare | No Comments

Everyone wants to be in Amazon, and the reason for this craze is but obvious. With millions of sellers offering over a billion products that are catering to the interests of millions of buyers across the world, this is the ultimate e commerce platform to be in. The fact to consider is, with the ever […]

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Annual US E-Retail Sale Crosses A Whopping $300 Billion Mark

20/05/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

To say that eCommerce has possessed the world for the better would not be wrong at all. And to say that in certain counties, the very existence of brick and mortar shops are being challenged by the many faces of e-Commerce marketing would be as good as bringing out a clearer picture of the current […]

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Valentine’s Day Sales Records Of E Retailers In 2014 Speaks Miles About Product Personalization

20/05/2015 by Thomas | No Comments

It is true that gifting is an art, and there are a very few individuals remaining today who would stand to justify general gifting. From cards to mementos, from t-shirts to cups, customers have been showing a keen interest in adding a personal touch to what they get for their loved ones. Consumer behavior as far as […]

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Amazon Captures Student Market With First Pick Up Location At Purdue’s Campus

19/05/2015 by Shrikar Khare | No Comments

Here is something for academically laden students to rejoice. Amazon, in its attempt to include the interest of the students while capturing most of this otherwise untouched market possibility, has introduced a smart pick up location in Purdue’s Campus. Putting it very simply, the students in and around the premises can order just about everything […]

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How Remarketing Can Revamp Your E-Commerce Store

19/05/2015 by Stephen | No Comments

E-marketing is getting tougher by the day all thanks to an ever increasing competitive run made by millions of sellers from world over. If you are a player in the world of e commerce marketing your primary aim would be to ensure attracting the attention of target buyers towards your endeavor through this mind-numbing din. […]

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Amazon’s Prime Now program beats Google Express with one-hour delivery service

06/05/2015 by Thomas | No Comments

Early December 2014, Amazon created quite a noise in the market by announcing its one-hour delivery services featured under Prime Now, closely after the initiation of the Google Shopping Express‘ same-day shopping. The Prime Now service of this top marketplace poises the already present internet shopping big shots in the latest craze of the e-commerce […]

Read More Raises $140 Million In New Funding – Here Is How It Will Impact The Venture

01/05/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

If you really come to think of it, there are very few e-commerce marketplaces that can compete with Amazon as far as offering an unending array of products in attractively low prices is concerned. Taking a closer look, Amazon does not also have too many competitors who can challenge its’ top position in the world […]

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Google Shopping Campaign Facelift For 2015 – Things To Expect

01/05/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

For all merchants and retailers who aspire for a better e-commerce future, establishing presence in Google shopping is more than just imperative. Being one of the most potent comparison sites with over a billion products listed in it, it could be the dream destination for merchants when it comes to being found by target audience. […]

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Online Custom Upholstery Program From Wayfair Reaps Significant Hits

29/04/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

The urge to introduce touches of uniqueness in homes will no longer be an expensive and thus, distant dream. All thanks to the thoroughly innovative thinking of Wayfair, one of the upcoming leaders in the world of upholstery and furniture, that all things custom can become a realizable wish of buyers. While it is true […]

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eBay’s efforts appear stunted following Sales Growth In Amazon

29/04/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

Amazon has proved yet again that miracles are in fact possible. Whether you choose watch in awe or refer to the impeccably calculated statistics, this giant e-commerce platform has shown that it is possible to beat and surpass competition like it was never expected. A 27% growth as compared to the 6.8% of eBay actually left […]

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eBay to pay $35 million to retain executives till separation

24/04/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

After top U.S. marketplace eBay is done with spinning off its payment-processing division – PayPal, five of eBay’s top executives are reported to leave the company early this fiscal year. Retaining them until the closure of the deal is said to cost more than $35 million, as per a regulatory filed mid-December 2014. According to […]

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