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Couples Longing For Electronic Gifts Rejoice At Best Buy’s New Wedding Registry

13/04/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

The days of receiving mixers and dainty silver-wares as wedding gifts are on their way out. The fact that individuals today are going gaga over electronics is no big surprise. With so many to use and so much to experience, couples today are showing a sharp diversion of their gift interests towards ultra tech devices […]

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Here Is What Amazon Envisions With Acquisition Of Radio Shacks

06/04/2015 by Shrikar Khare | No Comments

Amazon is in the mood for expansion and ideas seem to be pouring in from just about everywhere. Spreading its scope beyond the domain of all things associated with ecommerce marketing services presently features in the agenda of this largest online marketplace. Of late, Amazon has displayed massive interest in acquiring some of the many […]

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Dimensional Weight pricing to bog down online retailers

20/03/2015 by Shrikar Khare | No Comments

In the current fiscal year, online retailers would face the brunt of higher shipping costs. Late December 2014, the new shipping fares had already penetrated the scenario as logistics firm UPS started imposing dimensional weight pricing on all shipments. Following suite, FedEx implied the same since early January. The policy and the effect Often referred […]

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How e-retailers negotiate with customers

19/03/2015 by Shrikar Khare | No Comments

Of late, online shopping has become has become more or less like the to-and-fro negotiation process that does its rounds in the Turkish Bazaars, where consumers have the liberties to negotiate at a few particular sites. Amazon’s Make-an-Offer For example, top U.S. marketplace- Amazon, launched the ‘Make-an-Offer’ button which allows customers to negotiate the prices […]

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Amazon amazes to 2015

11/03/2015 by Shrikar Khare | No Comments

One of the latest online programs from the largest U.S. marketplace, Amazon, displays how this unbeaten North American marketplace is enriching upon its strengths in the process of winning a cent per cent loyalty from the largest number of customers- in the context of parents requiring diapers and baby wipes. According to a popular retail […]

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Holiday Web Sales up for more than 15% in 2014

05/03/2015 by Shrikar Khare | No Comments

Web sales during the final full week of the holiday season have been increasing, by around 18.2% year by year, to $5.817 billion in desktop sales from $4.920 billion for the corresponding period last year; says web measurement firm com Score in one of its e-commerce spending estimate last December. In the last holiday season, […]

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Best Buy is experiencing a continuous growth on web sales.

23/02/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

Recently Best Buy Inc. has declared their online sales have increased by 20% in the third quarter of the current fiscal year. The total revenue from this web sales amounted to be $601 million altogether. They further claimed that out of an aggregated $7.99 billion of domestic sales, 7.5% sales were completed through the web. […]

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Know the data quality tips to be successful on Google Shopping.

21/02/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

E-commerce market is expanding in a rapid growth rate. Automatically competition is also increasing in a equally high ratio. All the e-retailers are feeling that pressure and trying to sustain in this market by putting their best efforts in many ways. To be successful in selling products online you must have well defined product data. […]

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Amazon focuses on injecting global brands to China market

20/02/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

Amazon – the dominant marketplace in North America and a leader in Europe, works under the shadows of China’s dominant online retailer, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, when it comes its subsidiary in China. 14-fold increase of global brand sales The number of international brands selling on Amazon’s China wing grew 30% in 2014, and 55 […]

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Majority of top 1000 e-retailers offer free shipping during holiday season.

20/02/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

When it comes to free shipping, an observation says, 64% of the renowned 1000 North American e-retailers were offering this facility on their homepages during the Thanksgiving Weekend. It has also been recorded that there is a slight increase by 3%, in this trend when compared to the last year. But most of the retailers […]

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ASOS shows a positive growth record in fiscal 2014

15/01/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

Recently ASOS Plc, the renowned apparel retailer of U.K., as well as the 22nd position holder according to the Internet Retailer 2014 Europe 500, faced a challenging situation due to many reasons, though it had a good sales record in 2014. Nick Robertson, the CEO of the company said, the factors played a prime role […]

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The man behind Google’s same-day delivery joined hands with Uber

14/01/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

Most interestingly Tom Fallows, the man behind the same day delivery service of Google Inc, has recently joined Uber. As we all know Uber is a well known organization that offers various types of cabs and vehicles including town cars and ride shares online. Although the management of Uber did not say anything about Fallow’s […]

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Retailers have become fast in tackling customer issues on Twitter

12/01/2015 by Daniel | No Comments

As Twitter has become one of the most popular social networks across the world, it is also playing a significant role in connection to retail sector. As a result, quite often consumers take the advantage of twitting to express their experience about retailing including publishing complaints about various situations.  Most of the times, a large […]

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