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Amazon on an ‘agency model’ pact with Macmillan

09/06/2015 by Daniel

Amazon recently reached a pact with Macmillan regarding the sale of print and e-books. The development comes around when this high-notch U.S marketplace has been broiled in controversies with a major publishing house over sharing of e-book profits. The agreement John Sargent, the Macmillan CEO, had posted a letter on the company’s website declaring that […]

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Amazon & eBay Listing Features You Will Never Want Your Competitors To Experience

08/06/2015 by Thomas

If some eCommerce genius tells you that everything lies in listing, trust these golden words with your eyes wide shut. Let’s get real. The first thing that is visible to your potential buyers in favour of your store is the range of products you have put forth and how you have described it. As a […]

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In-store shopping is being replaced by m-commerce in an amazing percentage!

01/06/2015 by Shrikar Khare

Analysts anticipated the year 2014 to come to an end with special advantage for the retailers supported by mobile commerce websites and apps. It is already a fact that the current year was quite significant in terms of many mobile milestones. And it will lead to more advancement in this area in the coming year. […]

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Wal-Mart E-Grocery Ambitions Spills Over To Canada

29/05/2015 by Shrikar Khare

With over 11000 stores in over 27 countries and functioning under 71 banners, Wal-Mart was named the world’s largest company by revenue by Fortune 500. But, to think that here is where Wal-Mart gets cozy would be entirely wrong. Touched with the wand of E-commerce marketing, Wal-Mart is all ready to expand its e grocery […]

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Response to customers’ tweets rises up briskly among retailers

26/05/2015 by Shrikar Khare

According to a popular e-retail journal index, E-retailers on Twitter these days are not wasting a minute’s time to respond to shoppers’ complaints at the social media platform. The index tracks the performance of the top 100 retailers in response to their respective customer-service related posts on Twitter. The index found out that more than […]

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Delayed Shipping Annoys Prime And Other Shipping Club Members

25/05/2015 by Shrikar Khare

There is a very clear cut reason why shoppers express their interest in joining shipping clubs especially those belonging to the top E commerce platforms like Amazon. Assurance of quick and hassle free delivery in lieu of a certain membership fees does sound logical and reasonable to a chunk of e shoppers. Amazon’s Prime is […]

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How E Retailers Pushed Valentine’s Day Sale 2015

22/05/2015 by Shrikar Khare

Irrespective of the impacts of evolution, the cozy custom of gifting on special occasions is sure to never get out of style, especially in the Day when the world is painted red and pink. 14th of February has taken over the globe by its charms and it is very unlikely that its impact will see […]

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Know the eCommerce tips to boost your online holiday sales!

22/05/2015 by Stephen

Holiday season is a time when all retailers look forward to earn a fortune. No doubt this is the most favorable time to fill the gap you have in your commercial record because it is assumed that online sale only in U.S. will reach $72.4 billion. To best utilize this situation, reports confirm that retailers […]

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Retailers with upgraded mobile sites made extra-merry

21/05/2015 by Thomas

With the advent of technology and availability of smartphones & tablets to a larger section of the public, the 2014 holiday season noted a remarkable growth in the number of consumers shopping through smartphones and tablets. Three retailers, who have already invested in mobile commerce, claimed that they had gained huge benefits. For example, the […]

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Get Discovered In Amazon In These Simple Ways

20/05/2015 by Shrikar Khare

Everyone wants to be in Amazon, and the reason for this craze is but obvious. With millions of sellers offering over a billion products that are catering to the interests of millions of buyers across the world, this is the ultimate e commerce platform to be in. The fact to consider is, with the ever […]

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Annual US E-Retail Sale Crosses A Whopping $300 Billion Mark

20/05/2015 by Daniel

To say that eCommerce has possessed the world for the better would not be wrong at all. And to say that in certain counties, the very existence of brick and mortar shops are being challenged by the many faces of e-Commerce marketing would be as good as bringing out a clearer picture of the current […]

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Valentine’s Day Sales Records Of E Retailers In 2014 Speaks Miles About Product Personalization

20/05/2015 by Thomas

It is true that gifting is an art, and there are a very few individuals remaining today who would stand to justify general gifting. From cards to mementos, from t-shirts to cups, customers have been showing a keen interest in adding a personal touch to what they get for their loved ones. Consumer behavior as far as […]

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Amazon Captures Student Market With First Pick Up Location At Purdue’s Campus

19/05/2015 by Shrikar Khare

Here is something for academically laden students to rejoice. Amazon, in its attempt to include the interest of the students while capturing most of this otherwise untouched market possibility, has introduced a smart pick up location in Purdue’s Campus. Putting it very simply, the students in and around the premises can order just about everything […]

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